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Warning Signs From Your Body That You Need More Exercise


Exercise is more than just a workout to flaunt a great physical appearance. Since we live sedentary work lives, our bodies require movement to maintain a healthy mind and body. When we exercise, we are forced to breathe deeper, which transports oxygen throughout our bodies. This often makes us feel refreshed and revived.

Exercise creates a physical stimulus for the body to get better at the challenge with which it was presented and that can only happen if there is blood flow. Circulation brings nutrients to the tissues, nutrients provide the material to facilitate the improvement, and circulation is enhanced by movement.

The reality of exercise is that you don’t make progress when you work out—you make progress when you recover from the workout.

The workout is the stimulus, while recovery and improvement is the physical response.

Here are three signs that your body is telling you need more exercise.

Stress and Anger

When someone undergo stressful activities and get to a level that you can’t sleep. It is important to exercise to control your stress. Something calm like yoga and swimming is therapeutic and the body adjusts to the hormones released from exercise. Even something light such as walking outside on a lunch break and pause stress and rebalance the body.

Stiff Joints and Body Aches

Back ache, shoulders and hips tight are first signs that body needs to move. The less it moves the more problems will occur overtime. Also, emotional stress can result into muscular stiffness and as the muscles tense when we are stressed. Therefore, exercise maintains stress and increases joint range of motion.


Some diseases such as diabetes and arthritis are result of poor diet and lack of physical movement. These problems can be avoided by doing regular exercise and eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. People can prevent problems like Type II diabetes through a lifestyle change that includes regular exercise. Any form of exercise is metabolic conditioning.

Whenever we want to engaged in any exercise, it is important to find the type, level and intensity that suit the current health and fitness level.

There are many more signs that indicate exercise is essential, but for most people these are the top three signs for those who work desk or corporate jobs. Make health your priority, and remember to get a check-up before you start a big new exercise push.

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