Our Daily Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion was selected by Sheen Magazine as one of the hottest must have under the sun. Daily Defense Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion SPF30, supported by hydrating properties of hyaluronic acid and powerful antioxidant of pomegranate, moisturizes and softens as it forms a protective layer over your skin. Thanks to that layer and […]

Extrashade Received 5 stars

The sun’s rays are extremely harmful, regardless of who you are or what ethnicity you may be. Read on for more about the truth about the sun and rich complexions

EXTRASHADE Daily Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 Wins Shecky’s Beauty At Its Best 2012 Award!

Shecky’s recently named EXTRASHADE Daily Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion as part of their 2012 Beauty Awards. It was selected as “Innovative” and “Best Anti-ager” for the multi-cultural community. This multitasker is: formulated with pomegranate extract and hyaluronic acid to help reduce irritation and inflammation associated with discoloration to maintain even skin tone without leaving a greasy […]

Protection for darker complexions

ALL SUNSCREENS aren’t equal, say the makers of the Extrashade Line of sun protection products – made especially for people with darker complexions. The company’s products are created for people with “rich complexions” – African American, Asians, Latin Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Native Americans and mixed ethnicities – in shades ranging from olive to dark brown […]

Delialicious – A Sunscreen Just for Ethnic Skin Tones

People with rich complexions are blessed with a natural SPF due to the pigment melanin, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t wear sunscreen. No one is invulnerable to the sun’s harmful rays, and although dark skin people are not as high-risk as their fair-skinned counterparts, all complexions can burn and have a risk of getting […]

Ageist Beauty’s Sunscreen Roundup

Everyone knows that using sunscreen is important whether you are lounging in the sun during summer vacation or just running errands on an overcast day. However, whether you use it daily (as you should) is often another story. If you need to be further reminded of the negative effects of sun damage, check out this […]

EXTRASHADE – Suncare and SPF for Multi-cultural Skin

Awesome! EXTRASHADE is a unique SPF product carefully formulated for rich complexions that is proving to help maintain great looking skin among the multi-cultural community. The fact is 1 out 3 people belong to the multi-cultural community. For this growing population who has extra pigmentation, more melanin, EXTRASHADE is suncare products that are carefully designed […]

Feel the Burn – audrey Magazine

audrey Magazine – Summer 2012 Protecting your skin from the sun is no laughing matter, especially when such rampant sun worshipping leads to premature aging, unsightly sunspots and even cancer. But what’s not commonly known is that while skin cancer affects more Caucasian Americans, Asian Americans and other people of color are more likely to […]

Diversity is the Direction – Happi Magazine

Happi Magazine – April 2012 New developments in the ever-evolving ethnic hair and skin care marketplace Melissa Meisel • Associate Editor Locs, twists, braids, curls … the ethnic hair care market is constantly expanding with products that cater to a multiplicity of styles. Factor in assorted demands from African American, Hispanic, Asian and Indian skin […]