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Best Sunscreen for Dark Skin

Indulge your skin in the unparalleled care it deserves with our extraordinary sunscreen crafted for darker tones.

Experience a shield against the sun that not only offers broad spectrum protection but also feels weightless—no oily residue, no unwanted white cast.

Our formula, designed to be both moisturizing and water-resistant, goes beyond defense.

We promise to keep your dark skin not just protected, but consistently healthy and radiant.

Best Sunscreen For Dark Skin - EXTRASHADE
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Proven Sunscreens for Black Skin:

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EXTRASHADE Daily Defense Hydrating Lotion SPF 30

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The Go To Choice For Dark Skin People Since 2011

Extrashade's Daily Defense Hydrating Sunscreen SPF30 lotion hydrates and enriches melanin-rich skin, controlling hyperpigmentation and providing hydration and soothing benefits for both men and women. We also offer SPF 30 solutions for children's skin protection.

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Ingredients of the best Sunscreen for Dark Skin


A natural component of the skin that attaches to collagen effectively and gently hydrates, enhances smoothness, and gives dark skin a healthy glow.


This fountain of youth is rich in antioxidants. It helps repair damaged skin and soothes irritated skin. It may also stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Most anti-aging products rely on this ingredient.

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A king in antioxidant content, kiwi fruit extract in skin applications enriches dullness, reduces the presence of fine lines, and lessens dark circles under the eyes.


An excellent hydrator and protector, coconut oil is common among soaps, creams, and other skin care products because it is as safe as it is illuminating to the skin, making it a perfect sunscreen for dark skin.

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Fragrance Free

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Cruelty Free Always

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Satisfaction Guarantee

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Clinically Validated Formulas

Wrap your skin in the warmth of care with our exceptional sunscreen, tailor-made for deeper skin tones. Offering not just protection but a gentle embrace against the sun's harsh rays.

Our Products to keep your Dark skin Healthy, nourished and Protected from the sun.


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