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Sun Protection for Rich Skin Complexions

Experience the care and protection your unique skin deserves with EXTRASHADE. Our meticulously tried and tested ingredients offer a shield against the sun's harmful rays, ensuring your black, ebony, or brown skin stays safe and radiant.

Because every skin tone deserves not just protection, but a touch of love. Say goodbye to sunburns, discoloration, dark spots, premature aging, and the worry of skin cancer. Choose EXTRASHADE, where strong sun protection meets the unique needs of darker skin tones, embracing the radiance in every shade from olive to deep brown.

Sun Protection for Rich Skin Complexions

EXTRASHADE products are formulated with a mixture of rich skin fortifying ingredients that provide darker skin tones and sensitive skin with broad spectrum protection from UV rays. This allows you to enjoy the best sunscreen for black skin or ebony skin or brown skin or even
All skin types require an extra shield from the sun to prevent the risk of burning, skin discoloration, hyperpigmentation, premature aging and diseases such as skin cancer. That’s why EXTRASHADE products are formulated to offer a high SPF sun protection specifically for rich complexions from olive to ebony.

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Our Mission

"Empowering the skin of color community to make sunscreen an everyday use for optimal skin health."

Our Story

Making the Best Sunscreen for Dark Skin

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EXTRASHADE was launched by Anthony Clarke in 2011 after three years of scientific research aimed towards developing a formula that would give exceptional sun protection and at the same time provide nourishment for darker skin complexions.
While vacationing on the beach with his family in Ft Lauderdale, Florida he noticed his young nieces became very sun burnt. This prompted him to question friends and family about their use of sun protection products and he discovered that none of them used sunscreen. The primary reasons: they were not concerned with getting skin cancer because of their dark skin tone and the unpleasant experience of the ashy or chalky look from traditional sunscreen.
Anthony’s passion for marketing and preventive care motivated him to create EXTRASHADE. The inspiration is to provide sun care for a rapidly growing community to maintain their health and appearance.

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In 2011, EXTRASHADE emerged from a heartfelt realization during a family vacation in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Witnessing loved ones endure painful sunburns, we recognized a widespread gap in sun protection awareness. The issue wasn't just the discomfort of white marks from regular sunscreen—it was the prevailing misconception that darker skin tones were immune to skin cancer.

Fueled by a desire to bridge this gap, EXTRASHADE was born. Not just a skincare solution, but a revolution aimed at providing effective sun protection while enhancing the natural radiance of darker skin. Our range of products, tailored for diverse skin tones, is a testament to the celebration of individuality and confidence in the sun.

Join the EXTRASHADE community, where every skin color is valued, and health is at the core. Walk with us on the journey towards happy, healthy days under the sun.