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Learn How To Protect Dark Skin Tone with Sunscreen

Best sunscreen for Black Skin

Despite having greater amount of melanin, dark skin requires daily care to keep it protected from radiation. Thus, it is possible to avoid the appearance of dark spots that are common in rich complexion. To better understand how this protection should be accomplished EXTRASHADE spoke with a dermatologist, who explained the characteristics and typical peculiarities. Check it!

How black skin is: get to know some of its main features

Among the contributions of genetics, black skin ages more slowly. “The collagen fiber is more dense, more difficult in terms of degradation,” said the expert. In contrast, with a higher amount of sebaceous glands, it increases the tendency to oiliness. Still, it can be normal, mixed, dry and oily, the latter being the most common.

Learn how to protect black skin from sun exposure

Black skin has a sun protection factor, which makes it more resistant to sun exposure. However, this same uniqueness of more melanin makes it more likely for uneven skin tone. “For this reason, I recommend at least SPF 30,” explained the expert. Also, protecting the skin from sun exposure is crucial to prevent skin cancer that affects everyone.

You know what are the main problems faced by black skin?

If, on one hand, the resistance to degradation of collagen slows down aging; on the other hand, favors the emergence of some dermatological disorders. “Black skin has a greater chance of hyperpigmentation,” said the dermatologist. Moreover, intense sun exposure can cause other problems for dark skin that may result in post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


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