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Black Skin Spots? How To Prevent And Treat Hyperpigmentation

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Black skin needs special care to maintain beauty and health, and one of the main problems that occur in this type of skin is the appearance of spots. According to the dermatologist that EXTRASHADE have spoken with, men and women with dark complexion can achieve even skin tone, with optimal precautions. Check out the interview with the expert, who explained the reasons for the tendency of pigmentation, how to prevent and care for existing spots.

Why spot appear increasingly on black skin?

According to the dermatologist, having greater amount of melanin compared to Caucasians (whites), the protein that gives color to black skin is the type eumelanin, which produces brownish pigments. “Therefore, any inflammation or irritation of the skin may promote browning” she said.

Tips to prevent and treat blemishes and protect black skin

Due to more melanin, black skin has some natural sun protection, which generates a photo-protection of approximately 13.4. “But having dark skin does not make you immune from the potential damages from UV rays. A broad spectrum sunscreen should be applied daily, even on cloudy days and indoors, with at least SPF 30, and reapply every two hours, this way you can prevent the appearance of sunspots.”

Tips to minimize aspects of spots on black skin

To reduce the appearance of existing pigmentation, she recommends some procedures that must be performed in the dermatologist’s office. “I often use the fractional laser on my patients, which improves skin texture and helps in whitening; Nd: YAG laser for treatment of dark circles pigmentation and plus ultrasound to help firm the skin.”


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