No matter who you are, you will always have desires. It’s only natural to have wants unless you were manufactured from scraps of C-3PO. Besides wealth, the average human desires to have the perfect, alluring body and as such comes to the dream of having a flawless skin. Technology has led to the creation of […]

Warning Signs From Your Body That You Need More Exercise

Exercise is more than just a workout to flaunt a great physical appearance. Since we live sedentary work lives, our bodies require movement to maintain a healthy mind and body. When we exercise, we are forced to breathe deeper, which transports oxygen throughout our bodies. This often makes us feel refreshed and revived. Exercise creates […]

Beautiful skin is a measure of its care

We’ve all heard the saying “black don’t crack,” and have praised our melanin for being the be-all-end-all solution against the harsh rays of the sun. With that being said, it is a popular thought among the black community, and People Of Color in general, that sunscreen is not needed which is false information. Failing to […]

The Big Sunscreen Debate!

Earlier this week we posted a link on our Twitter page about spray on sunscreen versus lotions and creams. Despite different opinions, it has been said this week that sprays are not as effective as lotions hence why the FDA are looking into it more closely. (Check out the story we posted here: http://www.kvue.com/story/news/health/2015/06/18/fda-to-study-concerns-regarding-spray-on-sunscreens/28943619/) We […]

Pomegranate Power!

Looking after your body has never been more important, and the conversation that surrounds the concept of ‘Super Foods’ is never ending, and constantly talked about in the press, amongst friends and family, and online. One fruit that we believe has magical powers and therefore should be considered a super food is pomegranate. Pomegranate’s are […]

You Never Get a Break From UVA Rays

Sunlight is a major factor affecting skin aging and formation of spots on skin. Melanin deposition results in blackening of skin. So, you need a good sunscreen to protect your skin from sunlight to prevent the stimulation of melanin production. A sunscreen actions principally by blocking the ultraviolet radiations and prevent these radiations reaching your […]

A Healthy Lifestyle starts with Healthy Skin

People often say that “the face is the index of the body” but this statement is only partially true.  The true index of your body is your skin. Healthy and radiant looking skin will help you feel your very best. Therefore it’s really important to take care of your skin. Caring for your skin involves […]

Stay Beautiful, Young and Sexy Everyday

Everybody wants to stay young and beautiful, but as the years go by it becomes more challenging to maintain young looking skin. With each passing year the signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and darks pots start to become more visible. We know that you want to stay noticeably young looking, therefore it’s […]

Cosmetic Procedures: Maintaining the results of your professional treatment.

Your skin is the index of your body and its health most times determine how you look and feel about yourself. You always want great looking skin but there are several challenges that almost every single person has to face like acne, blackheads, dark spots, fine lines, sunburns, pigmentation and the most inevitable is aging. […]