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How to Increase Your Positivity This Winter

BY Lakiera Thompson

Some of us may find ourselves feeling a bit down this season without knowing why. Some call it the “winter blues” but the scientific word for the way you’re feeling is Seasonal Affective Disorder. The cause of this disorder is lack of sunlight because of the shorter days. Sufferers produces more melatonin which causes lethargy.

Don’t worry, there are ways you can uplift yourself and become more positive this winter!

• Living a more active lifestyle helps your mood more than you know it. Being active releases endorphins causing you to feel more happier and less stress.

• Remember that what you eat also plays a big role in your mental health. Eating sugary processed foods results in being sluggish, mood swings, and fatigue while eating more healthy choices such as fruit, vegetables, and whole grains gives you the proper nutrients to lift your mood. I guess the saying was true, you are what you eat!

• Getting enough sunlight daily helps prevent depression.

• Practicing some type of stress relieving activity will actually help you focus more on the positive things in your life rather the negative. For example, practicing mindfulness is focusing on the present moment without thinking about the past or the future. This also helps to appreciate your surroundings which results in a more positive mood.

• Do something nice for someone. It is said that when we do nice things for others, it makes us happier. Volunteer at a local shelter or become a great listener for family and friends. You will thank yourself for being a great spirited person and being open to help others.

Remember that there are plenty of things you can do to stay positive and prevent stress and depression. Take the necessary steps to help yourself find positivity in your life.It is important to know that if you’re feeling depressed, consider talking to a professional about what’s going on. There’s no need to be ashamed of being human. What’s important is that you get the proper help that you need to live a positive and happier life!

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