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How to take care of your Mind, Body, and Soul

By Lakiera Thompson

The mind, body, and soul is interconnected, which means, you have to take care of all of them to be completely healthy. If you’re not eating right, you may become mentally drained, and if you’re not doing good mentally, most likely you’re not doing good spiritually. It’s important to find ways that would help you in all areas of your life. You can take small steps everyday to take better care of yourself.

1.Eat healthier

We’re so busy throughout the day that we really don’t have time to prepare healthy meals, so we gravitate towards fast food. The problem in this is that most of the already prepared meals contains too much sodium and isn’t as healthy as they may seem. It’s important to have plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet everyday. Also, never skip meals, especially breakfast!

2.Exercise at least 30 minutes a day

No matter how old or young you are, everyone needs to exercise. Exercising helps with obesity, diseases, and even stress! Studies say that people who exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes live happier and healthy lives. There’s different things that you can do to exercise. Dancing, cleaning, and, walking are all forms of exercise for people who may not be into going to the gym. What’s important is that you get to moving for a healthier body!

3.Take an hour out of your day to do something you love

Doing something you love everyday will take away unneeded stress. There’s nothing wrong with putting down your daily work or chores to do something you actually enjoy. You will be genuinely happy because you’ll have something to look forward too.

4.Keep a journal

Writing all of your problems down in a journal melts away stress! It is proven that keeping a journal boosts your mood and is very relieving.

5.Get enough sleep

This is so important because if you’re not getting sleep, you’re not going to be able to function. After eating, sleeping is the main thing the human body needs to survive. Sleep is good for both the body and mind so it’s important to get rest after a busy day!

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