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Don’t let Acne rule your life!

Did you know that acne is the most common skin disorder in adolescents with skin of color and is often the primary reason for a visit to a doctor or dermatologist? We all know that having acne can severely affect your self confidence, and can stop some people from doing normal things. Who here has cancelled a date because of their skin?

Unhealthy skin is Unhappiness!

What is perhaps worse than acne itself is something called hyperpigmentation. This is often described as dark spots or red spots that are left after acne lesions heal and is a common difficulty that acne sufferers with non-Caucasion skin share. Various forms of acne therapy are often mistakenly blamed for the creation of these marks, but it is the skin’s inflammatory process which creates them. Although not permanent, these marks can take months, and in rare cases years, to fade and can cause huge distress to sufferers. Even beautiful celebrities suffer from this skin condition, like Kerry Washington (See above).

So how can people with skin of color treat hyper-pigmentation? Many of us put layers of concealer on our faces to hide our dark spots but this is the worst thing you can do. Treat the acne first, and once the acne is under control, the process of healing the skin can begin. Now you need to adopt a new skin regime!

EXTRASHADE’s Daily Defense Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion formula is designed to provide maximum protection against UVA (aging)/UVB (burning) rays whilst hydrating the skin and protecting it from skin discoloration and hyper-pigmentation. So not only are you protecting your skin from aging and acne from the sun’s harmful rays, but ingredients in the lotion also protect your skin from developing dark spots! It contains Hyaluronic Acid which is a natural component of the skin that attaches to collagen to effectively and gently hydrate, helping add smoothness and glow to the skin. It also has Kiwi Fruit Extract which improves dullness of the skin. And it also contains soap bark extract which is skin friendly and helps with acne and is ideal for the most sensitive skin. Most importantly it does NOT contain the following:
– Fragrance
-Propylene glycol

Try it for yourself with our trial offer: and check out The Breakfast Club’s interview with Dr. Natasha Sandy on how to protect your skin with sunscreen:

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