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Acne and Dark Spots On Dark Skin – Tips For Prevention And Treatment

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra

Over the years, it is common to note the emergence of small dark dots on the face and neck in brown to black skin tones. This type of skin disorder has a name: Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra. It is frequent in women with black skin. Although the spots are benign, several women want to get rid them. EXTRASHADE spoke with a dermatologist, who specializes on this subject and explained what it is and how to treat the skin with dark spots. Follow!

What is Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra and how it happens?

It is the appearance of small lesions on brown skin tones, which are medically called seborrheic keratosis. They begin to appear as marks and form large plates when combined. According to the expert, the cause for this skin disorder is most likely inherited as people with this disease have had a family history of it.

You can experience Dermatosis Papulosa acne over the years

However, it happens more common in adulthood but despite the genetic reasons, it is also possible to notice the onset of this skin disorder at a young age: “The patient may experience it for life and the spots may increase with time, especially with excessive sun exposure.”

What are the best treatment options to eliminate these skin lesions?

The specks are not harmful, but many people are bothered by the visual aspect caused by the skin. “You can remove them by means of laser or electro-coagulation, but it must be always performed by a dermatologist. Always avoid exposure to the sun without protection and use sunscreen every two hours.”

Always consult your dermatologist who will suggest the best treatments for acne and dark spot according to your skin tone and needs!


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