Daily Facial Cleansing for Dark Skin โ€“ How to Do it?

Black skin has greater resistance to the sun and the effects of aging. But the disadvantages also exist and must be known. Black skin has uniqueness that requires specific care. Black skin has a lower rate of cancer and a slower rate of aging. Whites are 15 times more likely to have skin cancer than […]

Acne and Dark Spots On Dark Skin – Tips For Prevention And Treatment

Over the years, it is common to note the emergence of small dark dots on the face and neck in brown to black skin tones. This type of skin disorder has a name: Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra. It is frequent in women with black skin. Although the spots are benign, several women want to get rid […]


Exercise Regularly Normal workout help lessen your skin break out. It releases endorphins which lower anxiousness degrees and thus reduce oil-generation, moreover makes you sweat which clears out dead skin cells. Have a go at practicing every day for at least half an hour to help decrease your skin swelling around, along with on your […]

Don’t let Acne rule your life!

Did you know that acne is the most common skin disorder in adolescents with skin of color and is often the primary reason for a visit to a doctor or dermatologist? We all know that having acne can severely affect your self confidence, and can stop some people from doing normal things. Who here has […]