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I know you have heard the saying that darker skin types have more melanin which gives it some extra UV (Ultraviolet) protection, there is no disputing this fact. However, UV rays do penetrate all skin types and will eventually damage the epidemis and skin collagen. This is why some people with rich complexions have saggy skin.

Melanin is a naturally occurring pigment in the body which is responsible for the color of our skin, with darker skin types having more melanin. While melanin offers some natural protection against UVB (Ultraviolet B-rays) with dark skins having a natural SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 13.4, lighter skin types have a natural SPF of 3.4. Despite the high rate of natural SPF in darker skin types, there is still a percentage of UVB that the skin absorbs. Even more surprising is the fact that sunscreen products with SPF of 15 which is higher that the naturally occurring SPF of 13.4 in darker skin types only blocks out 93% of UVB rays. So without using sunscreen, you are exposing your skin to more than 10% UVB rays every time you step outside without your EXTRASHADE Sunscreen.

True, most healthy people with darker skin types can stay out in the sun longer than people with lighter skin types, before they burn.

SPF ratings can be confusing or misleading at times because the rating tells you about UVB protection, but nothing about protection from also harmful UVA rays. No sunscreen can block all UV rays.

Below are SPF ranges to look out for when next you want to order for your EXTRASHADE Sunscreen.

SPF 30: keeps out 97 percent of UVB rays
SPF 50: keeps out 98 percent

SPF 85: You should keep your original skin tone.

Disregard SPF ranges above 30-50 as they are for promotional reasons only.

Many people with darker complexion have complained of a chalky skin after applying sunscreen. This is caused by products containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.  EXTRASHADE formulation, has broad spectrum coverage without the ashy look. Regardless of your skin color, texture, or type, everyone needs sunscreen. It’s a simple step in your everyday routine that could potentially save your life.

Ps. since darker skin already has a natural SPF of 13.4, EXTRASHADE SPF 30 is perfect to keep your skin hydrated and protected

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