Many women with dark skin feel that their skin is well-protected from the sun. It is true that the sun damages lighter skin more aggressively than darker skin. But it still damages the dark skin with lots of problems. No matter what your skin color is, UV rays can penetrate through it. Let alone the common sun damages, sunscreen is a must to protect your skin from skin cancer. Although the rate of skin cancer is lower in darker skin tone, dark skin also has the risk of skin cancer. And sometimes it becomes riskier as the symptoms are difficult to find on dark skin. So it doesn’t matter what color of skin you are blessed with, sunscreen is a must for the safety of it.

Let’s break the illusion that dark skin doesn’t need sunscreen and show you some facts that prove sunscreen is a must for dark skin type.

None of our skin is protected from UV rays

Our skin naturally produces a pigment while exposed under the sun. The pigment is called melanin. Dark skin creates more melanin than light skin. Although melanin filters out UV rays from penetrating through our skin. It also reflects the damages the sun does to our skin. Our body creates melanin as a protective mechanism to keep our skin safe from sun damage. So the darker shades of melanin are a sign of greater sun damage. So rather than depending on the build-in SPF called melanin, let your skin get protected by a good quality sunscreen.

The sun increases the aging process

The sun has a powerful impact on the aging process of our skin. The more you expose your skin in the sun, the more it will become saggy. It will also lead to suntan, sunburn, and hyperpigmentation. Especially dark skin experiences more dark patches and uneven skin tone problems with longer sun exposer. All of these symptoms are early signs of aging which leads to a more serious issue that is the wrinkle. So if you don’t want to age early, please save your skin by using sunscreen regularly.

Unsafe sun exposer increases skin cancer risk

Sun exposer is not the only reason for skin cancer. But it is a big reason. Unsafe sun exposer can boost the causes of skin cancer. And if you are already suffering from any previous chemical burn or inflammation, please keep a close eye on that area. Regular exposer to the sun can increase the inflammation and hamper the healing process.

Apply the right sunscreen in the right way

When it comes to our skin, it is better safe than sorry. Always protect your skin from the sun by wearing sunscreen during the day. Make sure you are using sunscreen with SPF higher than 15. And please reapply it after every two to three hours. You will also find varieties of sunscreen for different skin types. Make sure to select the one that suits your skin.

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