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How To Avoid Spots, Folliculitis And Excessive Oiliness For Dark Skin

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Whoever has black skin got a little help from genetics, since this type of skin has a high level of melanin and collagen, it’s more resistant to sun and aging. However, this skin deserves special attention so that it does not suffer from problems like spots on the face, excess oils and folliculitis (an infection in the hair follicles.)  EXTRASHADE spoke with a skin expert and uncover some skin care tips. Check out the tips and get a fresh and even skin tone!

According to the doctor, black skin comes in all form: normal, mixed, dry and oily. However, oily skin is the most common, since the secretion of sweat glands by nature is higher in this type of skin. Thus, it increases the possibility of acne and folliculitis.

Sun protection is essential for black skin

Despite being more resistant to the sun, with a natural sun protection factor of 13.4, the expert recommends the use of a broad spectrum sunscreen, even on cloudy days or indoors. “Normally, I recommend a specific soap for the patient’s skin and sunscreen with SPF 30 and re-application every two hours.”

Spots: a common problem in black skins. Find out why

The large quantity of melanin in black skin can accelerate the appearance of spots. The pigmentation is started during damage of cells that make melanin pigment. According to the dermatologist, “any inflammation or irritation may also cause darkening of the skin.”

To prevent spots, the women should seek preventive treatment. “First, it is necessary to prevent any inflammation that can cause darkening” she said. The women who already have pimples, bleaching agents and anti-acne products are good options for treatment.


Tips to prevent folliculitis after shaving

Another tip is to use skin-moisture cream after waxing or hair removal cream. It also protects the skin from environmental aggressions and folliculitis. The exfoliating soap is also a good option.


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