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EXTRASHADE in the sun

Whenever sun strikes the skin, it produces some pigment that scatters and absorbs the rays. The resulting tan means your skin is defending itself from harmful radiation. A tan may make you look nice now, but it can be life-threatening in the future.

Over time, the ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation in sunshine can weaken the lower layer of skin, known as the dermis, and promote wrinkles brown spots, and the development of skin cancer.

While it may be good for the soul to soak up some sun after a long winter, it may cause trouble for the skin. More than 90% of skin cancer is being caused by sun exposure.

Most skin cancer is caused by sun damage that occurred before the age of 20. The sun doesn’t just damage your skin: it can cause numerous eye problems, such as cataracts and pteryguim. 90% of fine lines, wrinkles, and brown spots on the skin are caused by sun damage that could have been prevented.

Tips to Protect Yourself against sun

  • Use sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 30. Make sure it is water-resistant and reapply every two hours, especially after swimming or sweating
  • Broad-spectrum sunscreen will help block UVB and UVA If you use moisturizers or other skin care products in the morning, it’s advisable to use sun protection sunscreen at the same time.
  • Give your scalp, face, and eyes extra protection by wearing a hat and sunglasses. Not only do these accessories provide protection, but they can be quite fashionable as well
  • Be even more cautious if you are taking medications that may make you more sensitive to the sun. These include specific types of antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, antifungals, blood pressure medications, and chemotherapies.

However, the most important thing you can do is shield your skin from the sun. As long as you take advantage of shade, and wear the right clothing, you can enjoy your favorite outdoor activities without worrying about the damaging rays.

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