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Don’t Take Your Sunscreen Cream Lightly

Best sunscreen for dark skin

If you ask a beautiful black women what is the one beauty product they could not live without if they were stranded on an  island, most likely they will never mention sunscreen creams. You should make the most of your sunscreen cream by applying it in the right manner.

Whether you have a brown  or black complexion, most women express a desire to have a miracle cream that could help them defy age. If you are a woman of color, here is a reminder, sunscreen is the most essential skin care product for you.

It is one magical product that will help prevent many skin problems which include wrinkles, dark spots, sagging skin and even skin cancer. There are so many moisturizing sunscreens for sensitive skin available in the market place.

Your skin needs the protection of a sunscreen lotion

If you are a black woman looking for the secret of maintaining healthy and great looking skin, you do not need to look any further than the best hypoallergenic sunscreen for sensitive skin.

Many dermatologists feel that sunscreen cream is taken lightly by most women, especially women of color. Most ebony women think that they have nothing to fear from the harmful rays of the sun. because sunscreen lotions are for women having light or pale skin.

While this is partly true, these women must understand that the natural defence that their black skin provides against UV rays is not complete or total. Because of increasing levels of pollution and depletion of ozone layer in the atmosphere, the same UV rays are now even more harmful for women of color than they were a few decades ago.

This explains the rising numbers of black women going to dermatologists with complaints of wrinkles, black spots, sagging skin and even skin cancers.

Do not ignore the recommendations of dermatologists

If you are in your 20s or early 30s, you probably have clear skin with an even tone. But what you do not realize is that long exposures to the sun have started to damage your skin and the results will be visible pretty soon.

Would you like it when others consider you as unattractive or old even when you are just approaching 40? Certainly not, I presume. Then why ignore the recommendations of dermatologists and skin care specialists who have been telling women of all races to wear sunscreen daily?

If you go to the store to replenish your make-up products every month or so, make sure that you also buy a good quality non greasy moisturizing sunscreen and include it in your daily skin care regime.

Transition from Summer to Fall and Winter Season

Transitioning from summer season to fall and winter expose your skin to relatively harsh weather conditions and changing temperature. The most important thing is how you transition your skin correctly from summer to fall and winter season

In order to help you get the best looking skin during the fall and winter season, you need to use a non greasy moisturizing sunscreen to prevent the weather effect on your skin’s health. A broad spectrum sunscreen will give your skin total protection and it will get easier for you to transition from summer season to fall and winter.

Usually, we are not exposed to sunlight during the fall and winter season as much as we do during summer. However, you still need to use sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Sun protection is highly recommended for people who work outdoors every day.

There are many moisturizers available in the market place that help you to prevent dryness of your skin. Always use a customize moisturizer. Moreover, you can also use a humidifier in your house to avoid skin dryness during the fall and winter season. For this purpose, you can buy moisturizing sunscreens for sensitive skin.

Get Wrinkle Free Skin

If you are not worried about wrinkles in your 20s and 30s, you will probably pay the price in your early 40s when sagging skin and wrinkles set on your face and make you look older than you are.

It is obvious that when they are younger, most women with dark skin remain worried more about their complexion and skin tone than anything else. One of their primary concern is post inflammatory hyper pigmentation or dark spots that appear once acne is clear and healed.

One product that is a sure remedy of all these problems and even more serious problem like skin cancer is often overlooked or ignored by women of color. Your melanin will definitely present a line of defence against the harmful UV rays of sun but you cannot rely upon this natural defence alone.

In addition, you may not be thinking about wrinkles or discoloration at your age but you can surely delay the onset of these ugly signs of aging by developing the healthy habit of applying oil free SPF 30 based moisturizers. One product alone can help you in this regard and that is a sunscreen lotion with at least SPF 15 or higher. Being a black woman, your skin already has natural SPF protection and this protection is to the tune of SPF13. This means additional protection starts when you make use of a sunscreen lotion having SPF 15. ‘

Choosing a sunscreen lotion can be difficult for women of color. This is because most brands are created with lighter or pale skin in mind and thus produced creams that leave a white cast or chalky residue on darker skin tones.

When people of color apply these creams on their faces, they appear to look like zombies, causing much embarrassment in front of friends. Realizing the mistake and the need of a daily sun protection for ebony women, EXTRASHADE have created customize transparent formulations.

You can now easily choose a formulation that does not leave behind chalky or oily appearance. If you do not want to have a gray or white skin after applying your sunscreen, chose formulations that are created specifically for skin with darker skin tones.

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