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Skin Care Tips for Women of Color

extrashade.comWomen having black skin or what is referred to as skin of color has different requirements from the skin that is termed Caucasian and it definitely needs some serious skin care tips to maintain healthy skin for the long term. There is no need to remain under the assumption that black skin is thicker and it can survive without any care.

Contrary to this belief, many black women have sensitive skin and many suffer from discoloration when they use incorrect make-up products.

These dark spots, once they are formed, take some time to disappear. Damage caused by the sun plays an important role in exacerbating the situation. This is the reason why black women must not take their skin care lightly.

If you are a woman having darker complexion you can stay away from a myriad of skin problems if you develop a habit of applying a good quality non greasy moisturizing sunscreen daily.

Sunscreen is good whether you have dry or oily skin
It is nothing more than a myth that African American skin is oilier than Caucasian skin.

In fact, many black women have extremely dry skin requiring them to apply moisturizers regularly. Black women with dry skin can keep their skin clean and clear by washing their face with a gentle soap 1-2 times daily.

If you happen to inherit an oily skin, you need to wash your face with a mild cleanser several times a day. The thing to remember is not to use an abrasive cleanser or a scrub that irritates your skin. But whether you have a dry or an oily skin, you do need the protection of a good sunscreen for sensitive skin to minimize the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays.

Always go outside with the protection of sunscreen
Make-up products are a necessity for all women to make them presentable and also to feel confident. There is no harm in using make-up products but make sure that they are made by a reputable company and contains natural ingredients.

Avoid make-up products that contain harsh chemicals because applying them on your face can give you allergies and cause irritation.

For black skin and skin tones other than white, it is a good idea to test a product on the back of your neck or arm to check if it causes any reaction or not. If the skin becomes red or you feel itchy, it is not advisable for you to use such a make-up product on your face.

It is not necessary to spend a fortune on makeup products as you can have ample quantities of these products in small amount of money.

But you must not forget the most important item when buying make-up products and that is a hydrating moisturizer with SPF. Make sure that it is at least SPF15 or higher to protect your skin from the damage caused by sun’s rays.

No worries of skin cancer with SPF protection
You may have heard it many times before that black skin faces no danger of skin cancer from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Caucasian skin is more prone to skin cancer caused by the sun’s harmful UV rays.

The rate of skin cancer is increasing among people of color, so it would be foolish for you to take chances and go out in the sun without getting the protection of best hypoallergic sunscreen for sensitive skin

Hypoallergic sunscreen for sensitive skin.
Exposure to the sun’s rays, even for a small duration in a day is enough to cause damage to your skin. In fact, dermatologists say that you should reapply the sunscreen after every two hours if your skin is exposed to sun for a long duration on a daily basis.

Along with the sunscreen moisturizers for your face, you need to take care of your body in order to look vibrant and young. Getting a good night sleep according to the many researches, will help regenerates the skin cells while we sleep.

One of the basic components of your make-up routine is the foundation. The more you apply it, the more it will dry your skin. You need to apply it less in order not to over dry your face. For healthy results, you consider using it with sunscreen products for sensitive skin face to help you look hydrated.

If you take medications regularly, your skin is more prone to damage caused by the sun’s rays. Scientists have proved that certain medications make skin more sensitive to the sun. These include medications taken for acne, some antibiotics, and pills taken to avoid pregnancy.

Being a woman with black skin, you have to contend with higher quantities of melanosomes than lighter skin. These cells are responsible for the color of your skin. These cells contain more of melanin than other cells.

On the one hand these cells keep skin cancers at bay and also delay wrinkles and on the other hand they cause dark spots on the skin that are left behind after injuries, wounds, and even acne. If you want to prevent dark spots on your lovely face, it is a good idea to apply a moisturizing sunscreens for sensitive skin on a daily basis.

You must get your skin checked if you are taking any medications. The best protection for you is a sunscreen for sensitive skin face. Buy Now.

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