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Don’t Allow Dark Spots to Ruin your Confidence


Skin care is a must for every individual whether he or she has light skin or dark skin. There are advantages and drawbacks of all skin types and people having skin of color are no exception but you should not allow your dark spots to ruin your confidence at any time.

Dark skin is usually thicker than lighter skin. It present unique challenges to the individual because it may be oily, dry, or even a combination of the two.

Dealing with black spots on facial skin is an issue that many people grapple with. This problem can be very embarrassing for you if you have a dark skin tone to contend with. However, you can get rid of dark spots once you are armed with information and facts about them

Where do these dark spots come from?

There are many different reasons behind the formation of dark spots. The first reason why these spots are seen on your face is because of the damage caused by sun’s harmful rays.

Sun’s rays cause damage to all skin types and these dark spots present challenges even for individuals with lighter skin. You need to reduce exposure to the sun’s rays as it can make dark spots appear to be darker than they are. Any spot, blemish, or wound, when exposed to harsh rays of sun, takes the shape of dark spot that can ruin your confidence

What you need is extra facial skin care with application of a good quality sunscreen cream that is specially made for people with dark complexion.

You need to add a good sunscreen for sensitive skin to your routine with spf 30 or spf 15 to block the harmful rays of sun from damaging your skin.

Many people with black skin wonder how celebrities with more melanin maintain such beautiful and glowing skin that is free from all kinds of blemishes.

The secret to healthy and great looking skin lies in their regular and year round use of moisturizing sunscreens for sensitive skin.

If you want to have a complexion that is free from dark spots, you must strictly and daily apply non greasy moisturizing sunscreen on your face, neck, and arms. This is how you can control and manage the problem of dark spots.

Fighting Against Wrinkles through Sunscreens

Confrontation of the Ultraviolet rays of the sun is very dangerous especially in this phase of life in which you have to be extra conscious about your skin. Wearing the appropriate amount of sunscreen will help you to prevent skin damage.

Wrinkles are the consequences of the sun damage and after becoming older than 50, this process multiplies itself.  the daily use of moisturizing sunscreens for sensitive skin can conveniently help you fight against the wrinkles on your skin and keep your skin fresh and charming even after 40 or 50

Dark spots because of Melasma

One reason why women with dark skin seem to be troubled by dark spots is a skin condition called Melasma. This condition occurs whenever the skin is producing higher quantities of estrogen type hormones.

It may take place during pregnancy, after child birth or when the individual is taking hormone therapy. The spots that appear on facial skin become dark when the skin is exposed to the harsh and harmful rays of the sun.

This is the reason why you should consistently apply a hydrating moisturizer with SPF for the protection of your skin.

Post inflammatory hyper pigmentation

This is another reason why women with black skin develop dark spots, particularly on their face. Also called hyper pigmentation caused by inflammation, it is a phenomenon that leaves behind dark spots after acne or any wound or injury.

If you have black skin and develop acne, you may be surprised to see dark spots left behind on your face even after acne outbreak has been healed completely. Sometimes fungal infections and eczema can also leave behind dark spots on face. No matter what the reason behind PIH, finding black spots on the face after the problem has been solved can be a traumatic experience for most women.

If you find dark spots on your face after PIH, you have to start with the best hypoallergic sunscreen for sensitive skin. It is not easy to get rid of dark spots resulting from PIH and it may take 8-10 months to slowly fade away from your face.

If you desire clean and clear skin free from blemishes, you need to adopt a skin care regimen and follow it religiously day after day for months and years. Make sure that you protect any blemish, wound, or acne from exposure to the sun’s rays as it can lead to formation of dark spots.

The best way of providing protection to your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays is to never go out without applying an oil free SPF based moisturizers. You will find that dark spots are not forming when you apply a good sunscreen lotion daily.

If you are already suffering from dark spots, the best way moving forward is to start applying the best sunscreen for sensitive skin 2017 on your face. No treatment or medication will prove to be effective until you have started to safeguard your facial skin from being harmed by the sun’s rays. Keep your skin clean and use sun protection daily to see visible results in 60-90 days.


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