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The Big Sunscreen Debate!

Earlier this week we posted a link on our Twitter page about spray on sunscreen versus lotions and creams. Despite different opinions, it has been said this week that sprays are not as effective as lotions hence why the FDA are looking into it more closely. (Check out the story we posted here:

We Americans love convenience! We drink and eat on the go, we shop online, and we have more “friends” on Facebook than in real life. So it’s no wonder that spray sunscreens which allow you to just shoot, spray and done, are so popular but this fast sunscreen application may cause health problems, just as convenient fast food does the same. The issue with spray sunscreen is not how much you are applying, but for how long you are applying the formula, and therefore how much protection you are actually getting. Also the issues with spray include that it may be difficult to see where you’ve applied resulting in areas of your body not getting any protection at all, plus many spray formulas also contain alcohol, which could affect sensitive skin.

In conclusion, lotions or creams provide more effective coverage, are less likely to wash or rub off easily, and people avoid a potentially harmful aerosol. This is why we are proud that our sunscreen comes as a lotion, which provides maximum protection but also moisturizes your skin. And always remember these steps when applying your sunscreen;

1. Apply sunscreen 15-30 minutes prior to sun exposure, to give the ingredients a chance to activate.
2. Cover every inch of exposed skin (I know lots of people who apply it naked before dressing, to avoid missing those little slices of skin at your clothing lines).
3. Reapply regularly (every 2-3 hours at most—more often if swimming or sweating profusely).

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