Protection for darker complexions

ES Daily News2ALL SUNSCREENS aren’t equal, say the makers of the Extrashade Line of sun protection products – made especially for people with darker complexions.

The company’s products are created for people with “rich complexions” – African American, Asians, Latin Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Native Americans and mixed ethnicities – in shades ranging from olive to dark brown

People with darker skin have greater quantities of melanin – the substance that gives color to human skin, hair and eyes – and can be subject to hyperpigmentation, which takes the form of dark patches, discoloration, blemishes or scars.

Extrashade is designed to maintain a smooth and even skin tone.

As a sunscreen, it minimizes skin damage from the sun harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Extrashade’s daily Defense Hydrating Sunscreen is made for adults, and the Protect and Nurture Sunscreen is formulated for children. Both products are rated SPF 30. Visit for more information.

Jared McCallister

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