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Effects of Sun Exposure

Aging olive skinThe sun has for long been revered by civilizations. Of late, studies have given it a bad reputation too. There is truth in both. Sun rays have both positive and negative effects. Sunlight helps in the production of Vitamin D.

However, many argue that since a large amount of Vitamin D is not produced this way, it is not worth the other risks. Studies have also shown that a regular dose of Vitamin Sunshine can do wonders to alleviate moods. It acts on the pineal gland to produce tryptamines which in turn lift moods. So now you know what got Sheryl Crow crooning ‘soak up the sun’!

Due to the depleting ozone layer, the UV radiation that is reaching the earth’s surface is cause for concern. UV is carcinogen – it causes skin cancers including melanoma. Many people, especially those with delicate skin, have to deal with sunburn as the rays damage skin cells. Even the eyes are damaged and hence, it is advised never to gaze up at the sun directly, particularly during the eclipse when it can blind you.

The radiation also accelerates aging. It destroys the skin’s elasticity and causes pigment change, thickens and also thins the skin leading to a host of skin conditions like wrinkling, freckles and age spots.

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