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EXTRASHADE Advocates for Unity Amidst Colorism Concerns Surrounding Nick Cannon’s Event

EXTRASHADE Advocates for Unity Amidst Colorism Concerns Surrounding Nick Cannon's Event

Nick Cannon’s recent involvement in an event with the Zeus Network has sparked controversy, as the initial promotion seemed to pit light-skinned women against dark-skinned women. The event, titled “Bad vs. Wild Las Vegas,” was meant to feature stars from the Zeus Network show “Baddies” against stars from “Wild N’ Out.”

While the initial flyer faced backlash for its divisive representation, it was later modified to feature “chocolate goddesses” against “caramel goddesses.” The social media backlash was swift, with users expressing concern about colorism and the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes.

In response to this controversy, EXTRASHADE, a sun care brand committed to promoting inclusivity and diversity, emphasizes the importance of unity within the community. EXTRASHADE recognizes the need for conversations surrounding colorism and the impact such events can have on societal perceptions.

As advocates for positive change, EXTRASHADE encourages open dialogue and education to address colorism within the community. The brand is dedicated to fostering an appearance standard that embraces diversity and rejects harmful stereotypes.

While Nick Cannon’s event has stirred controversy, EXTRASHADE stands as a beacon of inclusivity, promoting sun care solutions for individuals with olive to deep dark skin tones. By addressing these issues, EXTRASHADE reaffirms its commitment to a more united and accepting world.

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