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EXTRASHADE Empowers Diverse Skin Tones: A Commitment to Inclusivity in Skincare

EXTRASHADE Empowers Diverse Skin Tones A Commitment to Inclusivity in Skincare

In a landscape where representation in the beauty industry is crucial, Aurganics, a skincare-based wellness startup, is making waves by addressing the unique needs of underrepresented skin tones. Led by Duke University senior Sarah Houston, Aurganics embraces the belief that “skin is worth more than gold,” a sentiment that resonates deeply with EXTRASHADE.

Houston’s journey to create genuine skincare products tailored for Black and Brown skin tones reflects the mission EXTRASHADE shares – to provide optimal skin health for individuals with olive to deep dark skin tones. As Aurganics soft-launches products like the Alpha Glow Serum, it reinforces the importance of acknowledging diverse skincare needs.

EXTRASHADE, known for its commitment to sun protection for rich complexions, sees a parallel in the dedication to expanding inclusive skincare. Both brands understand the significance of catering to a broad demographic, especially when addressing concerns like hyperpigmentation.

The lack of representation in dermatological clinical trials, as highlighted by Aurganics, is a challenge EXTRASHADE recognizes. The skincare industry needs more voices advocating for the unique needs of Black and Brown individuals, not only in product formulation but also in clinical research.

As Aurganics aims to capture a share of the growing skincare market, EXTRASHADE applauds the efforts to create a space for underrepresented skin tones. The two brands align in their commitment to empowering individuals to feel valued, empowered, and beautiful in their natural skin.

In the spirit of inclusivity, EXTRASHADE looks forward to exploring potential collaborations and partnerships that contribute to a more diverse and representative skincare industry.

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