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EXTRASHADE Champions Representation and Inclusion in Entertainment Media with Multiuse SPF for Dark Skin Tones

EXTRASHADE Champions Representation and Inclusion in Entertainment Media with Multiuse SPF for Dark Skin Tones

In a groundbreaking study examining representation trends in scripted US television, the Genna Davis Institute on Gender in Media, in collaboration with Google Research and the Signal Analysis and Interpretation Laboratory at USC, discovered a significant shift in on-screen inclusivity. Despite the positive strides, there are still noteworthy gaps, especially for individuals with dark skin tones.

EXTRASHADE, a pioneer in sun care for diverse skin tones, acknowledges the importance of accurate representation and addresses the gaps identified in the study. With its multiuse SPF specifically designed for people with dark skin tones, EXTRASHADE is committed to promoting inclusion and challenging industry norms.

The study, “See It, Be It,” revealed that women with dark skin tones are gaining more screen time, but men with light skin tones continue to dominate speaking and screen time. EXTRASHADE recognizes the transformative power of media in shaping societal narratives and is dedicated to supporting positive change.

Over the past 12 years, characters with light skin tones have dominated the screen, but there is a positive shift. The share of screen time for characters with medium and dark skin tones has steadily increased, with a 9-point rise for characters with dark skin tones. EXTRASHADE aligns with this trend, providing a Sunscreen solution that caters to the unique needs of individuals with darker skin tones.

While there has been progress, the study highlights that the overall gap in skin tone representation is still significant. EXTRASHADE sees this as an opportunity to contribute to change by fostering inclusivity and challenging norms within the beauty and skincare industry.

The study emphasizes the need to diversify both on and off-screen. EXTRASHADE stands as a testament to this recommendation, actively working towards a more inclusive appearance standard. By offering a specialized SPF solution for dark skin tones, EXTRASHADE advocates for diverse representation and encourages the industry to challenge stereotypes and expectations.

As the entertainment industry evolves, EXTRASHADE remains at the forefront, aligning its mission with the goals outlined in the study. Through continuous innovation and a commitment to diverse skincare solutions, EXTRASHADE contributes to a more inclusive and representative media landscape.

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