A basic skincare routine is essential to maintain good and healthy skin. Especially if you have a dark skin tone, it is necessary to maintain a minimum yet regular skincare regime. Dark skin has the blessings of extra melanin which protects the skin from extreme skin diseases. But dark skins are more prone to be affected by sun damages like hyperpigmentation and inflammatory skin conditions. So like any other skin type, dark skin also needs special attention and care. We are sharing a basic dark skincare routine to help you fight these skin problems and keep it healthy.

1. Cleansing and additional scrubbing
Proper skin cleansing is an inevitable step for skincare. If you want to keep acne and pigmentation away from your face, removing pollution, dust, and makeup is very crucial. Especially before sleep, you must clean your face properly. Try to use a gentle cleanser for everyday use. Massage the cleanser for three to five minutes. Then wash it properly.
Scrubbing is also a great way to remove impurities from your skin. It removes dead cells and dirt from the deep of your skin. But scrubbing is not essential for every day. Scrubbing twice a week is enough to keep dead cells and impurities at bay.

2. Moisturize regularly
No matter what color or type of skin you have, it needs a daily dose of moisture. Although the requirements of moisturizer vary from oily to dry skin, you must apply it at least once a day. Moisturizer works best while you are sleeping. Thus, apply a little bit of moisturizer after cleansing your face at night before sleep. There are different types of moisturizers available in the market for different skin types. Please choose wisely.

3. Apply sunscreen every day
A dangerous myth we hear all the time is that dark skin doesnโ€™t burn, thus it doesnโ€™t need to apply sunscreen. This is an absolute lie. Sun does the same damage to any type of skin. Hyperpigmentation, dark spots, acne, inflammation, suntan, sunburn, etc. are some common problems occurs from sun exposer. And in extreme cases, regular exposer to the sun can lead to skin cancer. So whether you have dark or light skin tone, protecting the skin from the sun is a crucial step towards healthy skin. There are plenty of sunscreen options available to suit all kinds of skin types. Try to choose one with enough SPF which can help you to fight with both UVA and UVB rays. Most of us make a mistake regularly. That is we apply sunscreen only when we are going out. But sun rays come in our house too. So we must use a sunscreen every day even if we are not going out. It protects our skin from sun rays as well as from the heat of cooking.
Healthy skin is beautiful skin. Keeping healthy skin is not tough. It just takes a few minutes of our day to do some minimum skincare. Try to add these basic skincare rituals in your daily life and enjoy healthier skin.

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