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What Makes EXTRASHADE Perfect for Skin of Color 

EXTRASHADE Perfect for Skin of Color

Are you tired of struggling to find the perfect sunscreen that not only protects your skin but also complements your beautiful skin tone? Look no further, because EXTRASHADE is here to revolutionize sun protection for people with skin of color. 

Whats make EXTRASHADE perfect for skin of color? 

In a world where many sunscreen products leave behind an unsightly white cast or fail to provide adequate protection for deeper skin tones, EXTRASHADE stands out as a game-changer. Whether you have rich melanin or a deep complexion, this innovative brand has formulated the ideal solution to meet the specific needs of diverse skin tones.

Understanding skin of color beauty needs

The world of beauty and skincare has been evolving to better understand and cater to the unique needs of skin of color. One key aspect is the need for products that address hyperpigmentation, which can be more pronounced in darker skin tones. This requires specialized formulations with ingredients like niacinamide and vitamin C to help even out skin tone and reduce dark spots.

Additionally, understanding the varying levels of melanin in different skin tones is crucial for formulating effective sun protection. Darker skin tones have a natural SPF of around 13-14, but this doesn’t eliminate the need for sunscreen. However, there’s often a lack of suitable sunscreen options that don’t leave a white cast or feel heavy on the skin, highlighting the necessity for more inclusive formulations.

Recognizing that not all people experience skincare concerns in the same way is essential for creating products that truly meet the needs of diverse individuals. Embracing these insights will not only lead to more holistic and effective beauty solutions but also encourage inclusivity within the industry as a whole.

The Science Behind EXTRASHADE: UV protection tailored for melanin-rich skin

EXTRASHADE is a pioneering UV protection brand that understands the unique needs of melanin-rich skin. For decades, people with darker skin tones have been underserved in the sunscreen market, often left vulnerable to the damaging effects of UV radiation. Extrashade Perfect for Skin of Color 

What sets EXTRASHADE apart is its commitment to addressing the specific challenges faced by individuals with higher levels of melanin. Rather than offering a one-size-fits-all solution, EXTRASHADE products are formulated to provide effective protection tailored to the distinctive biology of melanin-rich skin.

The science behind EXTRASHADE lies in its understanding of how melanin functions as a natural sun shield. Melanin offers some inherent protection against UV damage, but it does not eliminate the need for additional sunscreen. 

Traditional sunscreens tend to leave a white or grayish cast on dark skin due to their zinc oxide and titanium dioxide content, which can be off-putting for many consumers. EXTRASHADE has developed innovative formulations that blend seamlessly into all skin tones while still providing high-level protection against UVA and UVB rays, ensuring that individuals with darker skin can enjoy comprehensive sun safety without compromise.

Melanocytes produce more protective eumelanin in response to sunlight exposure over time, providing an adaptive safeguard against photodamage; however, this process cannot fully protect against harmful radiation from extended or intense exposure. 

This is where EXTRASHADE’s dedication to catering specifically to melanated skin becomes crucial – their products are designed not only for preventative measures but also for reparative benefits post-sun exposure, taking into account established principles of pigmentation biology and UV-induced damage repair.

Tailored Formulation: Ingredients catering to unique needs of diverse skin tones


A Natural component of the skin that attaches to collagen to effectively and gently hydrate, helping add smoothness and glow to the skin

ii. A pomegranate 0072 POMEGRANATE

This fountain of youth is rich in antioxidants. It helps repair damaged skin and soothes irritated skin. It may also stimulate production of collagen and elastin. Most anti-aging products bank on this ingredient


The combination of Vitamins C and E help increase collagen levels, reduce melanin production, repair damage and lighten pigmentation


An excellent hydrator and protector, coconut oil is common among soaps, creams and other skin care products because it is as safe as it is rewarding to the skin


A King in antioxidant content, kiwi fruit extract in skin applications improves dullness, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and reduces dark circles under the eyes


As a pain reliever it works wonders, in a sunscreen it can soothe burns and inflammations, especially irritations


Like coconuts, plantains have antibacterial properties. Its high allantoin content is effective as anti-inflammatory agent


Also a natural moisturizer, soap bark extract is skin friendly, helps even in acne and ideal even for the most sensitive skin


EXTRASHADE has proven to be an ideal solution for addressing the unique skincare needs of individuals with skin of color. Its formulation takes into account the specific challenges faced by this demographic, such as pigmentation issues and sensitivity to certain ingredients. 

By offering superior sun protection along with nourishing and hydrating properties, EXTRASHADE stands out as a reliable choice for maintaining healthy and radiant skin. Its commitment to diversity and inclusivity in skincare is commendable, as it caters to a wide range of skin tones and types. For those seeking effective and specialized skincare tailored to their needs, EXTRASHADE presents a compelling option worth considering.

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