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Innovation in Skin Care: Multi-Tasking Sunscreen for Better Skin and a Better Life

42 23441699So many skin care steps, so little time how many skin care rituals do you need to finish everyday just to achieve that healthy glowing skin? More importantly, how much are you throwing away spending money on each beauty item separately?

Sunscreens, moisturizers, blemish balms and anti-aging creams are necessary for Rich Complexions to have healthy skin. This is especially true for complexions having extra melanin.

While extra melanin usually means extra sunscreen it also means another thing: extra sensitivity and being extra prone to hyperpigmentation. For some, extra dryness is even a problem.

With a number of skin care issues like the need to hydrate, nourish and especially protect against UVA and UVB rays that aggravate all the above mentioned issues, the wave of multi-tasking products is needed for Rich Complexions. You need an added protection against the sun. That comes with extra skin care benefits – hydrating, nourishing and anti-aging in one. It’s extra convenient to ensure total skin care.

What’s the big deal about sunscreens, even a multi-functional one? If you truly desire total skin care, never ignore sun care. You might be surprised at how a simple sun protection can change your life.

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, so don’t skip a few seconds slathering on that sunscreen.

It could help alleviate your worries of early signs of aging and deadly Melanomas for years to come.

A multi-purpose sunscreen for Rich Complexions gives you absolute peace of mind because it understands your need to decrease the excess melanin that gives you those hideous scars and uneven skin tone, simultaneously protecting you against the sun. Remember when you regretted buying that product that irritated your skin instead of keeping its promise?

Healthy skin pumps up your confidence. After all, who wouldn’t be proud to have beautiful skin inside and out? It makes you feel better and possibly attracts good vibes. Doesn’t preventive care actually equate to a better quality of life?

If you haven’t tried personalized skin care solutions and multitasking skin care products, you’re missing out on the best skin care innovations, and shelling out more money than you should.

You now have an opportunity for a better quality of life so go ahead and live your dreams.

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