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How To Keep Others Guessing Your Age: Protect And Defend Your Complexion

42 19102246No one would have thought that Halle Berry is over 40 or supermodel Iman is in her 50s. Even without the glamour it’s impossible to guess their age. This has nothing to do with plastic surgery or the fact that they are celebrities who have easy access to the greatest stylists, makeup artists and surgeons. They are simply women who have mastered how to defy their age, and you can too, even if you’ve never walked the red carpet. Below are ways to easily access to that youthful glow.

Control or Monitor Your Make-up

Wearing make-up too often and too much can take a toll on your skin. Heavy makeup spoils your skin with chemicals and makes you look older. It’s creating an illusion of healthy skin when it’s slowly causing degradation. Choose the most natural make-ups, go light on lipstick, cheek tints and eyeliner, if you cannot do without them. Finally, be sure to remove your make-up before you go to sleep, allowing skin to repair the damage.

Eat The Right Kind Of Foods
Your skin is the outside reflection of what happens inside your body, so watch what you eat. You’ve heard these tips countless times: eat vegetables, fruits and drink lots of water. Surprisingly there are foods you can munch on that make you feel great, and help maintain your youth: raisins, tomatoes, peanuts, onions and potatoes. These easily assessable munchies are packed with nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins; boost your energy and slow down your skin’s maturity.

Mind Your Attitude
Your mind set is important throughout your life, especially if you want prolonged youth. Keep it healthy and positive. Don’t focus on your misfortunes; think of how lucky you are. There are studies linking happy dispositions to longer lives. Avoiding stress, exercising, performing relaxation techniques and pampering your body will certainly create a better mind and a younger you.

Avoiding UV Rays
Many resist the idea of sun protection, but they’ll probably regret it later. If you belong to that crowd, it’s time to change your mind for your skin and beauty’s sake. Youthful skin begins with regularly applying a sunscreen with antioxidants that hydrates.

There’s no harm including an SPF 30 in your beauty routine. How can you possibly resist a sunscreen if you know its rich with antioxidants and the perfect hydrator? It can only benefit you. Look for that and you’ll have great reasons to apply sunscreen.

Revamp Your Lifestyle
It’s more than having the right diet, applying sunscreens and beauty creams. It’s up to you to choose the right lifestyle‚ avoid smoking at all costs and protect yourself from the sun. Free your mind of negativity and find ways to relax, you’ll easily defy your age.

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