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For Laser Hair Removal to Work: Avoid the Sun

laser hair removal on dark skinWhile threats of skin cancer and melanin-rich skin may not be reason enough for you to take care while basking in the sun, maybe your laser hair removal sessions will. Its success depends on it, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

Dermatologists universally advise all laser hair removal patients: be cautious under the sun. The laser in the machine produces heat that targets the hair follicles which can cause a temporary burn or sensitivity to skin. Caution of sun exposure should be practiced before and after the procedure.

During this time when the skin is most vulnerable, UV rays can easily cause irritation, painful burning sensation or heavy damage such as hyperpigmentation — darkening of the skin, and hypopigmentation — lightening of the skin. Both require a longer time to recover. Moreover, your complexion is already at war with scars, you’ll lose the battle without even fighting.

Tanned or sun-exposed skin complicates the situation making the newly formed melanin harder to penetrate. The laser treatment will take either more sessions to work or won’t work at all, wasting time and money. In fact, if the practitioner discovers that the area where the procedure will be performed is over exposed to the sun, a re-schedule may be necessary.

Special Tips When undergoing Laser Hair Removal
In order for the laser light to easily melt the hair follicle, your skin should be at its lightest with absolutely no tan, even if you are fair skin. Again, tanned or sun-exposed skin is more difficult to laser than an already dark skin.

  • If you have dark underarms it’s better to use a bleaching cream prior to the treatment or in between sessions.
  • After every treatment it is crucial to protect lasered or bleached skin with a sunscreen two weeks before and after the treatment.
  • Those who have used sunscreens in line with sessions have reported tremendous success with their laser treatments, with reduced or no side effects at all.
  • Nevertheless, choosing the right practitioner also impacts the outcome. Getting a professional, who has experience with your skin type, can put your mind at ease.
  • Finally, the best practice you can do during and after your sessions is to be mindful of the sun.

With your skin’s innate sun protection plus factor you merely need additional protection. Using an innovative hydrating sunscreen lotion with a broad spectrum SPF 30 daily can be both a life-saving and beautifying routine that will protect you to be your best.

It will save you time and money, and best of all your skin and your life in the long run.

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