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Do people with rich complexion need sunscreen?

shutterstock 20216044So you have a very beautiful complexion and you think sunscreen is not for you? Well you are very wrong as most people are under the sun and the rays of the sun can do damage to even the most beautiful complexion. If you have a beautiful complexion, it means you are taking great care to maintain your beauty or you have the good fortune of those with lucky genes.

Most people would kill to have a beautiful complexion so you who are blessed with one should take all necessary precautions to protect it. You probably already have all the face cleansers, toners and moisturisers but please don’t forget a good sunscreen. All the care you are giving to your skin will be in vain without the habit of using sunscreen. You may wonder why you need one when you already have a beautiful complexion.

However, it is necessary to know that sunrays penetrate even the most beautiful skin. Apart from causing sun burn, it will quicken the aging process and you may get up one morning with a wrinkle on your forehead. Since we’ll all like our skin to remain beautiful, a little bit of care will help. Don’t wait for the day a wrinkle or sagging jaw appears, take the future of your beautiful complexion in your hands and start using sunscreen.

It is understandable if you wonder why you haven’t suffered from these long before now since you’ve not been using sunscreen. Well, first of all, not all people will react to the effect of UV rays in the same way. Some will burn faster while others slower. Secondly, the changes that lead to the condition known as melanoma occur at a cellular level hence it’s difficult to detect. However, with continuous exposure to sunlight with no sun protection, this cellular activity is bound to come to light. That is why it is good to ensure this day never comes by using sunscreen with the right SPF for your skin. Don’t forget that if melanoma is not detected and treated early in the disorder, it may spread to other parts of the body. When this happens it becomes difficult to treat.

A beautiful complexion is probably one that has no burns or hyper-pigmentation. The proper use of sunscreen will help ensure that your skin stays healthy and looking good for a long time. The use of sunscreen will help ensure that you don’t get easily burnt from staying out in the sun. It is important to ensure that your complexion stays beautiful and the use of sunscreen and other sun protection methods is a sure way to achieve this.

So to all the beauties in the house, it is good to maintain a skin care program that includes the use of sunscreens. Remember that as you age, your body cells become less effective at doing what they used to do so well in your youth. You then have to help your body help itself by applying proper sunscreen anytime before you go out in the sun.

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