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Year Round UV Care is the Key to a Great Complexion

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Although both emitted by the sun, UVA and UVB rays are distinguishable. Knowing the distinction of each will help you maintain a healthy looking complexion and save you money from all those trial and error efforts in choosing the right sunscreen.

There’s more to this knowledge than power, it’s winning half the battle to a healthy ageless vibrant skin.

UVA Rays—Death by the Length

Also known as the all-season rays, UVA rays can cause extensive deep skin damage, regardless of season and weather. UVA exposure is the leading cause or premature aging even if the exposure is through windows.

Because such rays are longer, they can penetrate to the dermis layer of the skin where the major types of cells are responsible for the collagen, the elastin and the strength and moisture of the skin. These components help maintain a young looking appearance.

Forgetting or neglecting to take the time to protect your skin all year long from UVA exposure will result in dry skin, sun spots, wrinkles and possibly skin cancer later.

When you think of premature aging, you can never forget about UVA.

UVB Rays—Burns your Life
Though incapable of penetrating windows, UVB Rays have their share of the killer spotlight. UVBs are the sunburn rays and are stronger during summer but still have a memorable presence even in winter as snow and water reflects UVB rays, to your skin.

UVB rays are known to be the major cause of skin cancer, more than UVA and that’s more to worry about than simple sunburns.

The unforgettable sun protection warning of staying away from the sunlight from 11-3pm is because of the reign of the UVB rays during mid day. Protect your skin at all cost if you can’t stay indoors during this peak time.

When you think of hyperpigmentation and skin cancer, you’ll want to safeguard against UVB rays.

Easy Way to Reward Your Skin 
Wearing the right sunscreen all year round is an easy way to maintain your healthy looking complexion. Sunscreens that don’t contain harsh chemicals are ideal to be worn by Rich Complexions every day because for the long term they won’t irritate your skin or leave it chalky and oily.

While you can choose the minimum SPF 15 you are better off with an SPF 30 considering the tendency to apply it sparingly and almost always, in a hurry.

Sunscreens with antioxidants and moisturizers are your skin’s eternal angels regardless of season. You don’t just get sun-protected skin from wearing an antioxidant- hydrating sunscreen; you get a beautiful irritant-free complexion as well.  This will save you from buying other skin products that offer the same function.

While you may want to distinguish UVA from UVB just bear in mind that both are out to take wrath on your skin, and the best thing you can do is to face the challenge and protect your skin (scalp to toe) all year long.

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