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Daily use of sunscreen for beautiful skin

12 imageThroughout the year, it is advisable to use sunscreen. However, it becomes important to use sunscreen with higher SPF during summer months as the sun rays are stronger. Having a beautiful complexion entails proper skincare and as part of your skincare regimen, sun protection should be included. Sometimes people are confused with all the products in the market place and wonder why there should even be a product like sunscreen.

The damage caused by the sun on the skin happens on a daily basis. Darker skin tones will suffer from sun burn but not as much as fairer ones. The need to protect the skin from tanning should not be based on skin tone but on the damaging effects that this may have on the skin. Signs of aging will be reduced if sunscreen is applied on body regularly. Therefore to maintain a really healthy looking complexion, it goes without saying that sunscreen should be part of everyone’s skin care regimen. It is even more important if you’ll be going to the beach or mountain climbing. Since the sun becomes hotter in summer, it may be necessary to use sunscreen with a higher SPF value.

When choosing the sunscreen to use, choose one that has UVA and UVB protection. UVB are shorter wave ultraviolet sunrays that don’t penetrate deep into the skin. They however activate the production of melanin thus leading to sun burn. UVA is a longer wave ray that penetrates deeper into the skin. It affects the collagen and elastin in the body resulting in photo damage in the form of wrinkles and sagging skin.

It is best to apply sunscreen at least thirty minutes before leaving the house. The amount of sunscreen should be thick enough. It is generally recommended to apply sunscreen every ninety minutes especially for those who’ll be staying out for long hours in the sun. If on the beach, it is recommended to apply sunscreen every forty minutes. Applying sunscreen may be inconvenient for those who wear make-up as they may have to redo their make up each time they put on sunscreen. Nevertheless for securing your health, it is worth all the trouble. However, if you find making up every four hours tiring, it could be better to use make-up that has an SPF of at least 15.

Sometimes, the problem most people face is the fact that they never seem to get the right sunscreen to go with their skin. That is a major issue and most people will stop using sunscreen because of this. In choosing a sunscreen, you should choose one that feels good on you. If it doesn’t feel good, don’t buy as if you do, you may end up abandoning it. There are sunscreen products specially formulated for darker skin tone. Unlike other sunscreens, this type will not leave a white or chalky residue.

Also care should be taken to avoid any products that may be irritating to the skin. Always read the product label that to be sure you are using the right one.

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