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Benefits of Sun Protection for Multi Cultural Community

shadesThe sun is good to humanity as it is at the base of many of the earth’s processes. However, when it comes to human beings, over exposure to the sun can be harmful in the long run. It is a held belief that people with darker skin are less at risk of suffering from the damaging effects of the sun. However this notion has been proven to be wrong for although the presence of melanin may help in sun protection it doesn’t always prevent skin cancer.

Many people with darker skin tones that tend to go about carrying out their daily activities without a care. If you ask them why they didn’t worry about getting sun burn, you may be surprise to hear some say that darker skin does not burn. You will even be more surprised to know that a good portion of the population may have heard about sunscreen but know nothing about what it is. This is enough to tell you that most people with darker skin tones don’t care much about sun protection. But there are many benefits to be had from correct sun protection.

Helps aging skin

As the skin ages, over exposure to sun will lead to the skin’s oils drying up. As a result of this, the skin tends to sag and wrinkles. With the right sun protection, such as a sunscreen with adequate SPF, the skin will gradually regain its healthy look and glow thus appearing more beautiful.

Skin cancer prevention

When the skin is exposed for long periods under the sun, it could lead to a dangerous type of skin cancer known as melanoma. Melanoma although rare does occur as a direct effect of UV rays on the skin. When the body is allowed to be in direct contact with the rays of the sun, some of these rays can penetrate deeper into the skin and can lead to the abnormal growth of cells known as melanocytes. This abnormal growth causes the cells to become cancerous leading to the condition known as melanoma. However, with the proper sun protection, this condition will not occur.

Prevents Sunburn

Staying out in the sun with the skin exposed for long periods will lead to sun burn. As the sun rays reach the skin, melanin is activated and it rises to the surface of the skin leading to what a fair skin person may consider a tan but which is truly sunburn. By wearing sunscreen with the right SPF and other sun protection garments, the effect of the sun on the skin is greatly reduced. However sunscreen will act effectively in protecting the skin for only a few hours. It will need to be reapplied. Nevertheless, whether wearing sun protection or not, it is always better to avoid prolong hours of sun exposure. Sun burn will result to scarring in some places which may mar the beauty of your skin and frustrate all efforts towards getting even tone skin.

There are many other benefits that can be derived from using sun protection apart from that of protecting from skin disease. Too much sun on the skin can act as an immune depressant leaving the skin vulnerable to infection.


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