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4239863 org smCaring for your skin is like a rewarding investment. The earlier you invest the greater the rewards you’ll reap in the future. Nourishment begins in your teens, and in your golden years your skin loves you back by retaining its glow.

Just like any investment, there are always risks. If you invest in the wrong skin care product, your skin will likely suffer the consequences.

Understanding skin health before knowing skin care
Beautiful complexions only make sense when you know your skin and its issues. As a Rich Complexion person, you know having melanin is to your advantage, especially when it comes to sun protection and delayed aging. The fact that your skin is sensitive and prone to hyperpigmentation may be some issues of concern.

When choosing any skin care product ALWAYS consider:

  • That it should be formulated for your skin type which has unique properties
  • That it has gentle non-irritating ingredients which do not pose any adverse side effects for long term use
  • That it will not aggravate any skin condition (acne, hyperpigmentation, allergy, sensitivity, eczema, post laser skin, dry skin, oily skin etc.)
  • That it protects your skin from the environment
  • That it delivers on its promises

Pamper your skin from within by eating the right foods and living the right lifestyle. As for the outside, let EXTRASHADE take care of the rest. EXTRASHADE is a unique beauty and health skin formulation, scientifically maximized to protect and defend Rich Complexions.

The typical beauty formula contains preservatives and chemical skin softeners giving you a false sense of pride in your skin while wreaking havoc inside. EXTRASHADE sunscreen formula shields both UVA and UVB rays which is crucial if you want to prevent further dark spots.

As an innovative sunscreen, it uses the most advanced technology that guarantees remarkable photo stabilization of its active ingredients Avobenzone and Octyl methocycinnamate. The result is a water resistant, longer-wearing sunscreen.

EXTRASHADE is more than just a sunscreen. It has the Fountain of Youth: Combining Hyaluronic Acid and Pomegranate

By acting as a powerhouse skin nourisher and hydrator, Hyaluronic is safe to hydrate and promote regeneration down to the cellular level. Pomegranate combats the free radicals with its unbeatable Vitamin C content and antioxidants which ultimately lead to a more youthful and healthy appearance.

Dermatologists and other skin experts are synonymous in their advice for Rich Complexion skin.

Protect against harmful UV rays, moisturize by hydrating with the gentlest ingredients, and nourish with antioxidants and you’ll preserve its glow.

Healthy skin begins here, because your skin deserves extra love to last for life.

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