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Black Fashion Models at The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2010

Black Fashion Models at The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2010: *Chanel Iman *Emanuela de Paula *Selita Ebanks *Laís Ribeiro *Gracie Carvalho

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34 thoughts on “Black Fashion Models at The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2010

  1. Maéva Kiba says:

    Pretty 😭😭❤️❤️😲

  2. A selita ebanks saiu da vs agrediu uma pessoa em um estabelecimento aí foi os diretores da vs não quis que o nome da marca ficasse envolvida em escândalo, aí foi tiraram ela do casting!

  3. Eu acha a tyra Banks e naome campell e selita ebanks mais ousadas!

  4. Laura Gross says:

    Tantas brasileiras : Laís, Emanuela, Gracie Carvalho …

  5. Nem no Brasil, o país…

  6. meu nome é anderson .
    eu gosto de ver belezas.

  7. xxaleenazxx says:

    Emanuela de Paula is hands down the most beautiful supermodel NO EXCEPTION.

  8. Lady Jam says:

    They're not their

  9. Lady Jam says:

    The diversity and beauty of these black women is so outstanding, people have to find a way to put them down by dissecting their blackness how disgusting and maliciously envious even for the black people who are commenting. Just say their beautiful and move on with your life. SMH

  10. The models are lovely.

  11. Only1Jai says:

    Black is beautiful period. It doesnt matter if its mixed or not! anyone who thinks otherwise needs to remove all of that hate from their hearts!

  12. Dinora Gomez says:

    They are really beautiful but many are mulattos or mixed, i like see people of color modeling, but i want to see more real black models like Alek Wek real black beauty.  the black woman is beautiful.

  13. i dont get why racists come looking for these videos to purposely spread hate,,,,,,,,,a lot of East Africans have eurocentric" features par say but aren't mixed. africans come in different shapes, looks and sizes just chill and accept they are black and that's that …gosh haters need to quit hating on black people cuz we are too awesome deal with it ok!!!

  14. john matte says:

    ahahhaha… Looser.. I know you must have a very tiny white penis.. ahahha

  15. and i forgot to say that, Black people are people that come from a pure african bloodline.. People that had, for example, slaves in the family, or people that dosen't have any white, asian, or indian mix. White people are people who has a bloodline purely came all the way from Europe. Mulatos(as) are people who has white and black parents, or has dark skin but has white features he/she got from white grandparents.. And mestizos are people who are just mixed.. really mixed. fuck you

  16. Oh my Gosh, you don't say? REALLY, GIRL?? Awesome! by the way, i'm brazilian, and i believe i know brazilian is not a race.. We have tons of race mixings in brazil.. we have pure white people, like Gisele Bundchen, pure black people, mulatas, like Emanuela de Paula (if you dont know what mulata is, i feel sorry for you).. we also have cafusos and cablocos, that are mixes between natives and black and other people…. Don't try to teach me ethnicity ok? Byeee

  17. xtina000 says:

    Of course. Trash talk about blacks. Go figure

  18. you're right but even among blacks in africa they're a differences. ethiopians and eritreans are africans with arab admixture they don't represent pure black africans. still there are huge differences between east african pure nilotic black people and pure west african bantu people. the nilotic people are for instances the masai or samburu tribes etc and have different features than the west african features.

  19. dude ethiopians and eritreans have diverse ancestor eritrean are a product of east african nilotic tribes mixed with arab yemeni people thousand of years ago genes and dna don't lie. the real ethiopians you find in the south and they are pure dark skinned with nilotic features and don't look ethiopian at all and are beautiful. by the way ethiopians have more arabic yemeni features than european features.stop lying there is no dark skinned pure blacks with european features.

  20. ethiopian and eritrean have lots of arab genes in their blood. their are people with admixture. genes proofed it. stop lying. you can refer to masai people they're have beautiful features with no or little admixture.

  21. It's a shame that I'm from europe and know more about africa than you do. you afro americans morons know africa only from youtube, the western media and the onesided disaster propaganda against africa. you don't know the real and diverse faces of africa.

  22. kt laney says:

    By the way brazilian is a nationality not a skin color or a race or bloodline or genetic trait. Latin America especially Brazil is one of the biggest offenders of whitewashing, black genocide, shame, and denial. Ur history is a lie and the denial of ur roots is SOLE PROOF of that fact.

  23. kt laney says:

    Black beauty will NOT b defined by European standards, psychological propaganda or global whitewashing. HERE IS YOUR EDUCATION.Because we r the descendants of mankind, mother Africa, we embody every feature & look u will ever see in the world. The POWER of our beauty comes from the DIVERSITY of it. No matter how small,big, WIDE or narrow, long or short BLACK BEAUTY will takes it place among the world. Watch out, we're coming

  24. kt laney says:

    Thank u 4 pointing out dark-skinned grls elsewhere with "european" features. BUT u can find beautiful dark-skinned women of african descent with so called "European features" everywhere including the USA, WEST and SOUTH african countries . All these racial categories especially those in latin America are obvious examples of white propaganda and black shame and denial. & all this ignorance underscores the fact that beauty according to solely Euro standards is beautiful. What a crock of manure.

  25. YaYa LaLa says:

    Well they're part black. So you cant say they're not black.

  26. Dam Snolen says:

    my god you are 'the dumbest person in the world……@..ilubyou13……………….

  27. Actualy, Emanuela de Paula is and Lais Ribeiro are NOT black. They're what we call ''mulatas''. Emanuela has dutch and black genes, shes a mix between white and black. Laís too, but i dont know what part of europe her genes come from…

  28. Oh my God, where the hell did you got this from? Actualy, Emanuela de Paula is a brazilian, shes not ''mestizo'' shes actualy ''mulata'', that is totally different, it consists in portuguese (european), and african dna togheter, and actualy, ANY of the Brazilians has got Amerindian dna, (if you mean that we got united states indian's features, youre completely WRONG, we got Brazilian indians dna, we dont have anything to do with your race, except of the european features)

  29. Amerindian?? Are you kiding me? Do you really think that we, brazilians got features from you guys? (americans)? Hahaha, actualy, we got Portuguese, Brazilian indian, and African features, our genetics is not that closely related to yours, and Emanuela de Paula is not black, or white, or indian, shes a ''mulata''. There are tons of mixes between the 3 races that colonized Brazil. Theres the mulato, mestiço, cafuso, and lots of others ''little races'' inside the 3 bigger races.

  30. her name is Emanuela De Paula, from Brazil

  31. Actualy, ''brazilian'' is a mix of races. Its a mix between african, portuguese(european) and hindu races all togheter. Emanuela is what we brazilians call a ''mulata''. Shes got african skin but european features, especially on her face, wich is almost all portuguese, hindu alike. You should search things more instead of talk stupid things like you just did. Brazilian race exists, its a mix, and now you know that. Youre welcome

  32. Charley says:

    Do you even know what black is. Its not a nationality like BRAZILIAN its a "race" . Liaz and Emanuela nationality is brazilian but them self are BLACK. Man youreignorant and stupid

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