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The days of neglecting one’s skin pertaining to sunray effects due to having a dark skin tone are over. Melanin is not some bulletproof against the harsh effects of UVA and UVB rays, people of color have become conscious about themselves and have started taking advantage of the benefits of sunscreens. Preserving life is one of the basic survival instincts of human beings and sunscreens offer such especially in this era, especially in the fight against skin cancer.

The skin type of dark people is unique and can’t be catered for effectively by ordinary sunscreens that only offer sun protection. What about provision of appealing beauty resulting from beautiful skin? The perfect sunscreen for people of color besides providing the basic defense against sun radiation, it must also keep the skin healthy and glowing.

People of dark and fair skin type’s desire healthy skin and in the world of today, where physical beauty goes miles before inner beauty, having a blemish-free skin are imperative to boost confidence and live a happy life. Prolonged exposure to the sun is quite damaging to the skin, the ozone layer is not what it once was. Premature aging, fine lines, acne and other skin disorders are unwanted gifts that follow negligence in protecting the skin from dangerous effects of intense sunlight. The ideal sunscreen for people of color must have all the vital ingredients to help battle skin irritations and disorders such as hyperpigmentation which has plagued people irrespective of skin type.

The best sunscreen for darker skin tones must be a product that takes into consideration the uniqueness of the melanin-rich skin and how it responds to sun exposure.  It should be formulated with a lavish mix of botanicals rich in vitamins, antioxidants and cell rejuvenation extracts, it should keep the skin soft, smooth and healthy. UVA and UVB rays are already harmful enough; the skin will get much worse if it encounters beauty products that stray from formulation with natural ingredients.

The comprehensive sunscreen for black people should not harbor chemicals that are toxic when absorbed through the skin; fruit extracts like pomegranate, coconut and passion flower are the right set of ingredients in the fight to keep the skin soft, moisturized and smooth. The superfood pomegranate which is a major constituent of a comprehensive sunscreen has anthocyanins and hydrolysable tannins which have antitumor properties that inhibit the growth of skin cancer tumors. Passionflower extract present in the formulation has the ability to regulate sebum production, soothe burns and inflammations that might lead to acne.

It’s important to note that malignant melanoma that develops in the melanocytes and is the most dangerous form of skin cancer, causing 75% of skin cancer death. And to make matters worse, the most vulnerable skin tone is the dark one. This illustrates that the inherited uniqueness of dark skin and the role of melanin must be matched with a sunscreen that caters for such. The must have for the multi-ethnic community is here, “EXTRASHADE Daily Defense Hydrating Sunscreen”. It is unlike any other sunscreen formulation, it surpasses providing only sun protection to people of color, and it beautifies and nourishes skins of rich complexions. It is not by magic that it is capable of restoring, nourishing and strengthening the skin but it is because its formulation is infused with vitamins, botanical extracts, essential antioxidants and high-grade protective ingredients.


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