Is your skincare routine damaging your skin?

By Lakiera Thompson We spend so much time taking extra care of our skin by doing multiple steps in our skincare routine, only to find out that we’re really damaging our skin. Most of the time, when it comes to skin, less is more. Over handling the skin, such as too much rubbing or touching, […]

5 Skincare Tips for Cold Weather

By Lakiera Thompson Now that we are in the dry seasons, the cold weather can be very harsh on our skin. By the weather being so cool and dry, it can cause skin problems if not taken care of. Acne, eczema, increased hyperpigmentation, and even more skin conditions can arise if the skin is not […]

Skin Care Tips to Keep Your Complexion Healthy During Winter

Winter is the most challenging season for skin care – but most of us fail to look after our complexions properly when the weather turns chilly. For many people, dry skin is a condition that often goes hand in hand with cool, windy weather. To protect your body from the cold, youย stock upย on hats, gloves, […]