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How to safeguard your future appearance today

black dont crack II“Never judge a book by its cover” they said, yet we’re all guilty of this.  Not only do we get attracted to people based on their physical appearances, we also make reservations about people and stereotype them based on how they look. Your appearance is super important as it is your identity and the first parameter people generally judge you on. While looking spruce and chic will do you a lot of good, you will most always lose points for having an uneven skin tone and hyperpigmented skin.

You see with your eyes, smell with your nose, hear with your ears, speak with your mouth, yet you wonder why your face is so important. It houses the sense organs and also is considered the center for communication and interaction with other individuals and the environment. So it becomes important that your face is well taken care of as it’s the first thing people notice. And what is common to the aforementioned organ? The skin!!! It is the largest organ of the human body and runs through the entire body. Without the skin, there’s not even a face.

The sun is the bane to good appearance. Emitting ultraviolet radiations all year round, it subjects our skin to the harmful UVA and UVB rays that cause signs of premature aging and sun burn respectively. The worst outcome is skin cancer which does not only cause unsightly tumors on the skin, but also can lead to death. Make no mistake, whether you’re basking in the sun on the beach or out in the cold winter morning, these rays still get to you. And like a meter, the skin keeps tabs of every exposure.

Melasma, Solar lentigos, photo dermatitis (abnormal skin reaction to UV rays which leads to the development of rash, blisters, or scaly patches) and precancerous growth such as actinic Keratosis (crusty lesions or scaly patches develop in areas that have received prolonged sun exposure) and actinic cheilitis (farmer’s lip) are all sun induced and unsightly. This is why everyone needs to limit prolong sun exposure and find ways to protect themselves.

What then seems smart is to practice effective sun protection habits. But what is sun protection without wearing sunscreen? It’s as ineffective as fetching water with a sieve. The ultraviolet radiations from the sun are very penetrative and without a broad spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin, you can be very certain that these harmful rays are reaching your skin and causing havoc.

So when faced with the thought of how to safeguard your future appearance? Wearing sunscreen should always be the answer!  While the importance of eating good food, drinking lots of water and getting enough rest can’t be overemphasized in maintaining a healthy skin, the role of sunscreen application is invaluable in skin care. It is has been scientifically proven to slow down aging by 24%, reverse existing signs of photoaging and also prevent skin cancer.

When you use sunscreen, you are one step ahead at safe-guarding your future appearance. But when you use EXTRASHADE Daily Defense Hydrating Sunscreen, you can expect natural antioxidants, essential oils, and organic plant extracts which act as hydrators to prevent water loss and secure the natural moisture barrier; anti-inflammatory ingredients to calm irritations that normally affects very sensitive tan, olive and darker skin; and antioxidants to neutralize free radical activity. Nourishing and protecting the skin in a safe, simple and efficient manner. So take care of your skin, it’s the only skin you’ve got and it has to last you a lifetime.



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