Darkest baby ever born in the world. Truth or hoax?
The Internet is going crazy on a lot of things. Recently, this picture of a little baby in South Africa is puzzling many minds across the
world. According to many viral posts and blogs, this baby is the ‘darkest baby in the world’ Only because the baby is believed to be the ‘blackest baby in the world’, this photo is going viral. The baby has intense black skin and completely shiny black eyes, this picture is actually generating curiosity amongst many people all
over the world. Also, one is not able to see the white area around the black eyes of this baby which is quite an unusual thing.
Since it’s something weird and never seen before experience, many people find it hard to believe that this is a real baby and hence it is just another creation of photoshop or editing to generate
excitement and curiosity amongst the people. The baby looks like a real doll. The authenticity of this photo is still the hot topic
for debates around. It is for sure that the picture has generated
curiosity, but the question is still not clear whether the baby really exists or is it just a normal dark skin colored doll!

UPDATE: Neither black people nor black babies are really black in the absolute sense of the color spectrum. However, in social networks and the Internet in general, by mid-2015, much controversy was generated by what would be the baby with darker skin in the world.

The photos began circulating massively and all sorts of stories about it were created, as well as many comments, be of doubt or affirmation, or denial or wonder. It was even speculated that it could be a variation of albinism, only in opposite version. Apparently the child had been born in South Africa and would be about a year old.

The news was so revolutionary that even major news portals came to address it, but really with insufficient data, which has distorted the story. Indeed, the relevant information is so poor that its name, gender, hospital where it was born, city or even the name of their parents, was never known.

But the reason is more than enough. It was all a joke and the so-called world's darkest baby was only a fraud, like many that circulate on the Internet, and really it was just a toy, that had been put up for sale on eBay.

The baby gorilla, as it was later called in the platform, was available for sale to the public at a price of $ 65 and possibly the photos that circulated at the time, as well as the whole story, were only a marketing campaign created by product developers to boost sales or, maybe, the action of someone who accessed the site, found the product, and thought it would be interesting to circulate the story, with or without intent to pass it off as real.

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