There’s something about the intense heat from the sun lately that’s unbearably.

Years ago, we could have survived hours or a day of sunbathing without sunscreens but nowadays our skin’s sunburn tolerance have been lowered by the intensifying rays, surprisingly even on a cloudy day.

You don’t even have to be outdoors to be exposed. You can still be affected if you are sitting in direct sunlight that comes through a window. Normal glass blocks all of UVB but allows UVA to come through.

It’s not only the redness or the burns that’s unbearable. Getting rid of the burn will take days and leave you with an uneven skin tone and an aged looking appearance that may affect your self-esteem.

That’s not even half of UV rays intrusive quality.

UVA rays penetrate longer, deeper into to the skin, down to the dermis, where all the beautiful “stuff” is—collagen, elastin and blood vessels. These are the building blocks of the skin’s suppleness that help you to look young. You’re never going to have that youthful appearance if your skin has cracks, lines, wrinkles and dryness and it can get worse when constant exposure lead to skin cancer.

While you can’t (easily) hide from UV rays, you can face it head on with the right protection, all day, all season, all year round.

Keep it smart and choose the right sunscreen that meets the latest FDA-approved broad spectrum standards to make sure you are protected from both UVB and UVA rays.

If you have oily and sensitive skin you may find yourself complaining about sunscreens with physical blockers such as titanium dioxide or other harmful chemicals such as lanolin, propylene glycol, alcohol and dye. These may do more harm to your skin than good and leave you greasy with a chalky residue.

Remember that having the right sunscreen is just half the battle the other half is applying it correctly. Make sure to apply it generously in all areas exposed to the sun and at least 20 minutes before the inevitable exposure.

The scalp is usually one of the most exposed yet unprotected areas and probably is at the top of the sunburn chain. You don’t want your crown to toast either.

Pump up the protection a little with an SPF 30, slather more during summer and slather fairly all year round.

UVA may be all day, every day but so is your friendly and fabulous sunscreen. You always have a choice to keep it safe and healthy, all year long. You’ll be surprised how this easy prevention can reward you in your lifetime.

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