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You won’t believe me, but I have got great news about eternal beauty.  And I won’t be surprised if you’ve already started picturing the image of a dangerous voyage in your head. What is amazing is that this quest requires no slaying of dragons, no lost islands or the need to hire Indiana Jones. The secret to eternal beauty is just a few miles away from you, and bottled up in the Daily Defense Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion SPF30 by EXTRASHADE.

Confidence Booster

Beauty comes in so many forms and to us; the most beautiful thing is confidence and self love. EXTRASHADE has gone to unconventional lengths in making people of rich complexion the center stage, and never will your melanin rich skin be overlooked, as the products help maintain healthy and beautiful looking complexion. Fortified with natural botanicals it contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent unsightly breakout and facial discoloration that affects your self esteem. Apart from helping you maintain your confidence, another awesome benefit is that it can be used as primer under make up. Thus you can accentuate your beauty, while feeling confident and safe.

Safety and healthier skin

A healthy skin is a beautiful skin and this is why EXTRASHADE Daily Defense Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion SPF30 is designed to protect you from harmful ultraviolet radiations emitted from the sun that causes several skin disorders and uneven pigmentation on the skin. Broad spectrum coverage protects the skin from the cancer predisposing UVA and UVB radiations that robs the skin of its flawless look and even tone.  This sunscreen does more than sun protection as it also safeguard against molecules that scavenge for free oxygen radicals that are the major cause of wrinkling and facial lines. So whether you’re on a vacation in a sunny destination, or enjoying the warm winter sun, with EXTRASHADE Daily Defense Hydrating Sunscreen, you can be sure you’re safe and protected from the ultraviolet radiations that never go on breaks.

 Secret of eternal beauty

Sun exposure is the bane of a healthy and youthful looking skin. The majority of the signs of aging is attributed to sun exposure. While EXTRASHADE Daily Defense Hydrating Sunscreen protects you from the harmful effects of the sun by preventing premature aging caused by harmful UV radiation that lead to signs of photoaging such as sun spots, wrinkling and appearance of facial lines, it also reverses and heals signs of wrinkling and hyperpigmentation, which is really the icing on the cake. Yes sunscreen can reverse signs of aging, heal skin damage and slow down aging by 24%!!! Check facts here. Pomegranate which is a major ingredient in its formulation not only make the skin firm and youthful by stimulating production of collagen and elastin but also strengthens and repairs the skin by aiding in tissue repair and wound healing.

 Clear and even skin tone

You can stop living vicariously through models and social media celebrities. You too can be proud of your even skin tone and go easy on the filters. Vitamins present in the EXTRASHADE sunscreen formula, work synergistically to give the skin a youthful appearance that is clear and free from blemish; with Vitamin C stimulating the production of collagen which gives the skin an elastic and perky look, and Vitamin E improving skin health and giving the skin an even tone. Hyaluronic acid help improve the skin smoothness, suppleness and elasticity, which ultimately makes the skin look younger.

Peace of mind

EXTRASHADE sunscreen help you confidently say goodbye to your skin problems and worries. Formulated WITHOUT ingredients such as fragrance, alcohol, dye, lanolin and propylene glycol that may cause irritation and harm to skin of darker tones, it creates no room for allergic reaction/irritation, and other forms of contact dermatitis. Also, due to the presence of natural botanicals that possess anti-inflammatory properties, the formulation advances offerings to control hyperpigmentation, decrease irritation and control inflammation.

 Saves time and money

Spending too much time with skin care? You can eliminate the clutter of lotions, potions and serums in your cabinet with a singular product. EXTRASHADE Daily Defense Hydrating Sunscreen Is a multi-tasking lotion to help maintain your complexion. It helps moisturize and softens your skin and even serve as anti-ager. Owing to plantain leaf extracts present in its formulation, it also has germicidal and antibacterial abilities which are useful in treating infections. This sunscreen is truly an all in one, and we promise you that it is the only beauty product you’ll ever need.


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