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Why do Rich Complexions Need Sun Protection?

88749816The sun has its bright side, from triggering Vitamin D production to extreme disinfection, and its downsides.

Prolonged or over exposure to the sun causes premature aging 90% of the time. In addition, it compounds the risk for skin cancer, even for those privileged to be born with rich melanin skin.

Sun protection for rich complexions has been reaffirmed by the Skin Cancer Foundation and the American Academy of Dermatology alike.

The basis of the advice is more than health or marketing tactics, it’s about the sun’s rays getting stronger daily, requiring even the most melanin rich skin to slather on sunscreen. It’s about saving your skin, protecting it and prolonging your well-being, as part of your right to live a healthy life.

The World Meteorological Organization has recently reported that the stratospheric ozone layer, the earth’s main shield from the sun’s harmful UV rays, is getting weaker, with damage in the Arctic increasing up to 40% from last winter seasons 30% –making it the greatest ever.

This explains why more and more people are rooting for that annual worldwide acclaimed event the earth hour because the earth needs our help, specifically the ozone layer.

If you have lots of melanin and you refuse to wear a sunscreen because in the past your skin was sun exposed and never damaged, bask in the sun now, you’ll feel the difference.

This doesn’t mean take your extra melanin for granted and get the highest SPF sunscreen. Your rich melanin is still beneficial, providing you with the first line of defense against the UV rays. Your other line of defense is added protection, an extra shade. If you’re in the sun for long hours playing, swimming, and working or simply because that’s your lifestyle, your skin warrants additional protection.

Those with Rich Complexions don’t believe they need to wear sunscreen. True enough, most rich complexions such as the Asian, Latinos African Americans and Pacific Islanders, among others, are less likely to be afflicted with skin cancer. But they are not cancer-proof.  When melanoma and other forms of skin cancer do show up, they can be deadlier than for Caucasians.

What happens if you are exposed to UV rays everyday or constantly for long hours? It’s accelerating your aging process and increasing the possibility of hyperpigmentation problems; and it’s accelerating your life with the possibility of skin cancer in your golden years. It is a fact that Rich Complexions are less likely to get skin cancer, but if that happens it’s almost in the late stage or incurable.

Who would want their complexion or skin riddled with wrinkles, age spots, roughness, or irritation? No one.

The bottom line is, it doesn’t hurt you to wear a sunscreen that is suitable for your lovely melanin rich complexion, one that comes in an innovative photo stabilized SPF 30 and has NO irritating ingredients.

A sunscreen formulated for your complexion is the sun care factor you need. There are sunscreen lotions today that have been specifically formulated to gently care for issues such as acne, dry skin, oily to combination skin and hyperpigmentation among others. With hydrators and natural antioxidants, along with both UVA and UVB protection, it’s advantageous to wear a sunscreen, daily.

For Rich Complexions, sun protection is not an emergency, but the benefits of wearing sunscreen are overwhelmingly gratifying — it’s protecting you to be your best and making a conscious decision for a healthier life.

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