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Best sunscreen for skin of color

Lot of sunscreens have been promoted as the greatest adversary of skin cancer, but never have we been so excited about a sunscreen that not only confers effective broad spectrum sun protection but also has multi-functional skincare benefits.  Since sunscreen application is one of the most effective skin cancer preventive measure, EXTRASHADE Protect & Nurture will gently nourish your child’s skin while it forms a protective barrier that prevents UVB & UVA rays from damaging their skin.

The importance of broad spectrum protection:

Protect & Nurture sunscreen, which is specially designed for skin of color, is perfect for children’s delicate skin while ensuring maximum UVA and UVB face and body protection. Protection against Ultraviolet-A (UV-A) rays which is responsible for skin wrinkling, premature aging and skin damage, is just as important as the sun burn UV-B rays.since both rays have the potential of causing skin cancer.

 Designed to last long

For every sun exposure, there’s harm done to the body and this injury is cumulative. Adding up till it eventually causes skin cells mutation and tumor growth. Since chronic sun damage in childhood is linked to the development of skin cancer, Protect & Nurture takes into consideration, the active and outdoor lifestyle of kids. This is why the product is uniquely photostabilized with solostay that retains the sun protection properties of the sunscreen for several hours and even resists water for up to 80 minutes.

Remarkable skincare properties

If you aspire to watch your children grow up healthy with great looking skin, using EXTRASHADE Protect & Nurture sunscreen is a no brainer because it nourishes and protects their beautiful skin. The gentle soothing formula includes organic plant extracts which act as hydrators; anti-inflammatory ingredients to calm irritations that normally affect very sensitive tan, olive and darker skin.

 0% chance of irritation

The danger of kid’s topical medications in the hypersensitivity reaction and skin irritation they cause. Children’s skin are delicate and sensitive and this why EXTRASHADE Protect & Nurture sunscreen is specially formulated WITHOUT ingredients such as fragrance, alcohol, dye, lanolin and propylene glycol that may cause irritation and harm to skin of darker tones or rich complexions.

Promotes self worth within a multicultural community

You can’t begin too soon to keep your children’s skin healthy and free from discoloration. Not using sunscreen creates room for a blemished and hyperpigmented skin which affects’ your kids self esteem. And worse increases their chance of developing skin cancer. Unknown to many, Kids are sensitive and self conscious of their appearance and won’t be willing to use anything that makes their skin look funny or awkward. Protect & Nurture will keep your child’s skin healthy and beautiful while it forms a protective barrier without leaving a chalky residue.

Why your kids need sunscreen

Whether it’s Melanoma which is the deadliest (75% of all skin cancer death) form of skin cancer or the less severe forms (Squamous and Basal skin cell cancer), we have no doubt that every parent doesn’t want this to happen to their child. If your parents got it wrong with you, you shouldn’t continue the trend and get it wrong with your kids as well. Aim to be better! Thus children and grown-ups too should apply sunscreen daily, and visit their dermatologist at least once every year. Protect & Nurture provides your child with better, longer-lasting sun protection from the sun’s harmful rays and its specially blended moisturizers help keep your child’s skin soft and healthy.


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