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by admin

35 thoughts on “Why Do Dark Skin Black Men Hate Dark Skin Women & Light Skin Men

  1. Lovely Browngeek says:

    But I am a big believer in our ancestors live in us…. and the way we are divided can go back to slavery I am not light or dark but I have been told I am not light enough and I am not dark enough in the time of slavery a white man could walk into a black man house have sex with his mother, daughter, sis, wife and that black man could do nothing (when I say black men I am specifically talking about dark skin men) this man watch his dark skin mom, sis, wife get raped and developed a hate….as he watched the seeds of the white men be born a slave with a better life but still a slave if you looked into our past thou you will find that it has always been the lighter skinned people who mostly fought for rights but I also think the same apply to white women for why they will sleep with a black man to make their family upset she watched her man have sex with slaves and bear children ….. now I am sure their are stories of white women having biracial children doing slavery… how do you think those children where treated verses the one the white men had with the slavery women… the hate is so deep rooted and fucked up.

  2. Lovely Browngeek says:

    I agree with you 💯 not all dark skin men… but some dark skin men will be mean as hell to me like I remind them of every girl they couldn’t get…to a point I have had dark skin men tell me that I am too dark I needed to be the color of honey 🍯 and the funny thing I never considered myself light or dark I am clearly a brown skin girl

  3. jimmy sisfar says:

    It's crazy because I had to go through all of this from every shade of black people, and I'm darkskin, I actually used to wish I was lighter. Even the way woman would reject me, they would say you are cute or you aight but I don't like dark skin

  4. Janelle Whiskey says:

    They just jealous, cause they think you'll have an advantage over them with women and opportunities. But I understand the prejudice, being a dark skin woman, seeing I was usually the last choice and option for men and job opportunities. I almost always turned out being the pleasant surprise they NEVER expected. And I see the surprise confused look in their faces, yes there are black women who exist, who are graceful, feminine, loving, and patient, we don't all have Angry Black Woman Syndrome, but most will never know, since we are largely ignored , and dehumaised anyway. Life has taught me to depend on God for everything, and in the end that all that matters.

  5. The Mumster Blog says:

    As a dark skinned woman, I wasnt aware that light skinned guys would have faced colourism as well until you vid, but it makes so much sense and my husband who is light skinned echo what your saying… so thanks I've learnt something and I can prepare my son since he has come out very light too.

  6. Staria Lee says:

    You know what… I am a dark skinned woman with sons that are fair in complexion. Other people always remind them of their shade eluding to them being better because of it. It’s a shame because it’s black people that say these things to them. They identify as fully black men and are proud of this. As a black woman o am proud of them. Also, I have mainly dated fair skinned men. Not because I have wanted to but because they are the only ones that approach me. People would swear I do this because I hate my complexion but it’s not. It’s so crazy xxxx

  7. Joan Cureton says:

    I've listened to many black men talk on this subject, but your testimony is riveting, so accurate and so truthful. Dark skinned men still are trying to feel equal to white man and he believes that light skinned or white women make them equal to white men.

    Many dark skinned men envy light skinned men. Then there were many light skinned people have been groomed to look down on dark skinned people. I had a light skinned man confessed that many light skinned people are brought up to believe that they are "different" than dark skinned people and treat them as such.

  8. MHSBAT F says:

    Heeeeellll yeah we get fucked over by police still!!

    And yes!! Dark skinned dudes lust after non dark skinned women. They also dislike any competition for these women, Hence the result u and I observe. However I'm still looking for a video on why light skinned women prefer darker men. I've figured out the compensation for lack of pigment theory but I just wonder if there's anything else

  9. MHSBAT F says:

    Light skinned guy here who can relate. Although I didn't have to fight as much bc I was a muscular dude. I proved myself in the gym at school. But otherwise, yeah I see what u mean bruh

  10. ThePltsweet says:

    There's colourism issues all over the world among black people and also in some Asian people. Honestly, i do believe opposites attract. The problem is when dark skinned men feel the need to tell the world why they don't date black/ or dark skinned women. You like what you like. Just don't put others down because of your preference. What do you need to validate? It just screams of insecurity and low self-esteem trying to convince people that you like light skin. Black women need to expand their dating options period.

  11. Villainous Scar says:

    I get you completely. One of my best friends are lightskin and we both make colour jokes about each other. I do see that lightskin men are portraid as soft and weak compared to darker men. Myself I am a medium skin dude and I normally class myself as darkskin but my one of my actual darkskin best friends call me lightskin. I live in the UK and stuff here is kinda opposite. From primary school (which is equivalent to elementary) darker skinned people are bullied by the light shades and one word that comes up most is the word blick. I see your side of the spectrum and I get what you mean. I just wanted to show you how it is here though.

  12. Delantea Washington says:

    Part of what you said was right but disagree with you on about the part that us light skin men and dark skin women fighting the same battle we are not fighting the same battle i mean it is similar but not exactly the same trust me i've seen some dark skin women say file shit about us light skin men just like half of their dark skin male counterparts do including half of these brown skin women and our own light skin female counterparts throw us light skin men under the bus so for dark skin men and putting them on a pedestal so technically we fighting our own battle……

  13. KandakeAmanirenas_and_MatriarchalChoctaw says:

    What a shame. They're obviously misogynistic (their language hurled at you makes it plain), insecure, jealous and abusive, willfully ignorant, self-sabotaging, unevolved and issue-ridden. We don't want them for loving anyhow as they're illogical, disrespectful, hateful and non-trustworthy. Sure, we need them to unite in community, but not for love relationships, not until they grow up.
    It's head-shakingly shameful that you've had to strategise your way through several of these unnecessary, dangerous, irrational and at times heart-breaking experiences, Angel. I understand to a great degree as those of us in Canada and Australia get if from EVERYONE, pathetically. Peace. oxo

  14. Chaucer Parks says:

    Interesting title. I'm a medium brown skinned, black man who's nicely built, but only 5ft 8. When I was a preteen, teenager in the 1980s, the light skinned, biracial looking guys were in very high demand. I had quite a few homies that fit that description, and they seem to attract all the pretty women that I could only have imagined to like me. I developed VERY low self-esteem because of this and 1 incident started in the third grade, when I was told by a pretty young lady that I had a crush on that, she had a crush on my light skinned friend and that I wasn't cute, enough to be her type. She liked the exotic looking guys. I had the unfortunate experience of going through some other situations that solidified my insecurities. I carried that hurt on into my adult hood and I honestly still suffer with insecurity today. Ironically, White women were the only ones to seem to be genuinely attracted to me. As a result, I have an almost impossible time, believing any black woman would genuinely, find me attractive. I constantly feel that women( black in particular), really prefer light skinned biracial looking men. However, I've NEVER been angry, or hateful or jealous( maybe a little envious) of any of my lighter complexed male friends. It wasn't there fault they were born with an significantly more attractive exotic look, then my plain average African American look. Although, women some black and white have told me in my past quite few times I'm a handsome black man with a nice body. I just could not believe them. Besides, the compliment I received, usually came from women, that I wasn't attracted too and most men didn't find attractive either. I only wished I could have been born with better looks. BUT, I have NO hate for light skinned people. That's insane, no one has a choice at birth. Be great if we did though, however, Life goes on. ✌

  15. Moe Otaru says:

    I'm a dark-skinned Nigerian man and I hardly feel any attraction to light-skinned women. I've a strong preference for dark-skinned women and no, I don't hate or envy my light-skinned brothers. I've always understood that my preference is an anomaly here in the US and sadly, even in my country too.

  16. Middle Finger says:

    Yeah.. I dealt with that.. when I was younger.. looked at being weak. Dark dudes look at you as a resentment or disgrace. Now that im older dark dudes will have conversation / or small talk..but I feel its still a stereotype.. my mother is dark skin.. darker than some of these dudes who resent me. Now dudes talk behind my back. but now that im older no one will approach me disrespecting me because i've become more serious and i guess its all over my face. But im really a down to earth guy… if you get to know me.. I have NO PROBLEMS with NO shades.. but it takes time with dark guys and females to except me.

  17. Natisha Kamara says:

    FUCK THAT dark or light we r ALL black.It's crazy how people still on this light dark shit at this day and age.. That knife to my face.. My right 👊 with the left 👊 be rt at that Nigga's jaw st8 ☝…👊 this dude in the throat…

  18. Dee lightful says:

    Im a dark skinned woman who hears this all the time .." youre pretty for a Dark skinned girl.
    I also noticed that inly light slinned men approach me…in the accadion that a dark msn approaches me they come on very aggressive and disrespectful . i try not to make generalizations but there IS a pattern here

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