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Why Dark Skinned People Shouldn’t Take Sunscreen For Granted

Do you know someone who doesn’t use sunscreen simply because he or she is a person of color? Better yet, are you that kind of person who neglects sunscreen as part of your skin care? If you think that having dark skin saves one from the harshness of the sun’s rays, we suggest you or your friend should think carefully and reconsider your daily skin care regimen.

The decades-old belief that people born with darker skin tones carry the ultimate weapon against the sun’s violent attacks on the epidermis has been proven to be a kind of false hope.

While it is correct to say that higher levels of melanin (the body’s natural substance that gives color to hair, skin, and the iris of the eye) in dark skin does act as a natural sunscreen reaching up to an SPF level of 13.4, renowned dermatologist Dr. Aletha Maybank, however, clarifies that this is not enough. The truth is higher levels of melanin may help slow down the onset of wrinkles, age spots and fine lines but won’t serve as complete protection against the sun nor delay the inevitable aging process.

Worse, people with darker skin tones are also at risk from sun induced skin cancer just like everybody else. It is even more fatal in some cases because skin cancer in darker skinned people is usually caught in much later stages than those with lighter skin. The usual culprit is the misconception that darker skin tones are sufficient protection and this leads to people of color staying under the sun for longer hours believing that their genetics have made them invincible. They only learn how vulnerable they actually are to UV rays later on when cancer has moved into an irrevocable state in their body.

Seeking an Even Skin Tone

Everyone should wear sunscreen especially people with darker skin tones because of the inherited uniqueness of melanin that give naturally tan and radiant skin. The very thing that makes darker skin tones unique – melanin, is the primary challenge of maintaining healthy and great looking skin cause by UV exposure. Increased pigmentation occurs in skin folds and in areas where the skin is irritated or injured. Dry skin leads to decreased pigmentation, and sun exposure causes irregular pigmentation, according to Zoe Diana Draelos, MD, clinical and research dermatologist. The use of sunscreen can help even skin tone.

In order to maintain the optimal health and wellness of your skin, one must not only wear sunscreen on a daily basis, but he or she should also choose a product with the right synergy of ingredients. So an important question is how a consumer makes a smart choice amid the vast selection of sunscreen in the market.

For many millennia now, pomegranate, coconut, hibiscus rosa-sinensis and kiwi not only have been integral part of native skin care formulations of several cultures across the globe but have been cited by scientific studies to be great for protecting and defending against skin ailments. The mixture of these natural treasures helps the skin to maintain hydrations levels and soothe inflammations. In fact, pomegranate and kiwi extracts also stimulate collagen production; hence, helping to reduce wrinkles, age spots and hyper-pigmentation. These extracts also provide photo protection, care and nourishment which are perfect for a person with darker skin tones.

The right care with EXTRASHADE

Today, plenty choices of sunscreen products are available in the market place. It is a positive sign that shows people are taking skin care more seriously. However, very few of these commercialized and leading products are customized to meet the needs of dark skinned consumers.

Good thing, EXTRASHADE has arrived. This targeted sunscreen has the right mix of natural ingredients and is uniquely photo stabilized to help people of color maintain healthy and great looking skin. The creators of EXTRASHADE understand the inherited uniqueness of dark skin and the role of melanin, which is also the primary challenge when it comes to maintaining a smooth complexion. The one-of-a-kind formulation prevents the annoying chalky residue on the skin, which is common among most sunscreens in the market.

Truly, EXTRASHADE sunscreen is committed to help dark-skinned consumers realize their personal potential for flawless beauty by helping them maintain healthy and great looking skin. EXTRASHADE products are available online through

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