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What SPF Sunscreen Should Ebony Women Use?


There is no task in the world where you will continue to get success if you’re playing blindly. There are certain requirements for different situations and you will have to cope up with the atmosphere to get success. Ebony women definitely need protection of hydrating moisturizer with SPF like any other individuals.

Our body’s skin also needs to respond in a similar manner. One cannot apply the same method every season. Yes, you need to use some kind of sunscreen moisturizers in order to prevent your skin catching different kinds of allergies.

Not so long ago, it was believed that black skin was thick and produced enough melanin to provide protection against damage caused by the sun’s rays. But that was a myth as many ebony women have found to their dismay that when they ignored the protection of sunscreen lotions, long exposure of sun can cause severe damage to their skin.

According to expert dermatologists, black skin is no guarantee that you will not get skin cancer Melanin inside your skin does give you superior protection to sun’s harmful UV rays but you still need the umbrella of SPF to keep skin cancer away from you.

So do not forget to apply a good quality hydrating body moisturizer with SPF when going out in the sun.

No need to rely on your black skin to protect you from sun’s rays

It is true that your dark skin does not burn as easily as the skin of your white friends. This is because of the presence of higher quantities of melanin, the substance that gives color to your skin. Melanin also proves to be an effective protection against the harmful rays of the sun. White skin has a SPF of 3.4 while black skin has on an average 13.4 SPF. All other skin colors fall between these two values of SPF. If you thought that this high range of SPF is enough to protect you from the dangers of skin cancer, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation, think again. Increasing cases of ebony girls and women going to doctors for the treatment of damage caused by sun indicate that skin color today is no guarantee of protection against skin cancer. This means your natural SPF is not enough to protect you from damage caused by the sun, especially when you plan on being out doors for long periods of time. In fact, this is the time when you need not just SPF 15 but SPF 30 or even higher with additional protection from UVA and UVB. You can buy oil free SPF 30 moisturizers if you believe sunscreen lotions make your face look too oily. It will help you get a fresh and charming beautiful looking face.

Try sunscreen formulations that are transparent

Do you stay away from sunscreen lotions as most of the formulations being sold in the market place are promoted to lighter skin tones and they make your complexion an eerie blue or ash color? You feel awkward and embarrassed as sunscreen lotions on your face make you look like a zombie. This happens to many black women when they try to apply sunscreen cream on their faces. They feel they have a chalky face because of this extreme whiteness of the creams. It is because of the presence of high quantities of zinc or titanium oxide in these formulations. Many of the sunscreen products are also oily, compounding the problems of ebony women having oily skin. Thankfully, there are many moisturizing sunscreens for sensitive skin to buy especially for women of color. They can use it in order to achieve alluring skin tones.

It is dangerous to expose skin to sun without any protection

Yes, sometimes we don’t care and get ourselves exposed to sun without any protection for a longer period of time on a regular basis. It can be devastating for your skin especially if your skin is sensitive and demands regular protection from the sun.

According to skin care experts, most people with black skin assume that they can never get skin cancer as their skin produces sufficient quantities of melanin. Don’t be fooled by such a myth and try to stay informed about your skin.

This is a very dangerous misconception that has been proved wrong with increasing number of cases of young and middle aged women having black skin reporting damages regarding exposure to the sun.
It is really surprising but a vast majority of black men and women do not use any kind of sun protection to prevent damage to their skin, let alone protection against skin cancer.

To remain protected all the time, it is necessary for all men of women, irrespective of their skin color and tone, to develop the habit of applying best hypoallergenic sunscreen for sensitive skin.

You need SPF 15 or higher to remain protected

Sunscreen creams and lotions defend UV rays from the sun from reaching the surface of the skin. The number mentioned on the cream or lotion tells us how much protection the product provides against the UV rays of sun. SPF means sun protection factor and the number after it decides the efficacy of the product. As black women already have some SPF protection because of melanin in their skin, it is advisable for them to make use of a sunscreen cream with SPF 15 or higher. If you have sensitive skin, buy the best sunscreen for sensitive skin 2017. It will help prevent the damaging effects you can get from UV rays.


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