What is tanning and pigmentation? – Dr. Deepak P Devakar

What is tanning and pigmentation? – Dr. Deepak P Devakar

Tanning is a normal physiological process. It happens from the sun to protect against the sunlight damage caused on the skin. It is a protection mechanism of our selves. It produces melanin form the melanocytes to protect against sun damage. this gives a brownish shade to skin and esthetically gives a darker skin tone or even a patchy skin tone. This can be take acre by using a sunscreen and some skin lightening products can be used containing glycolic acid and kojic acid or arbutine which are safe to use. Avoid using steroid contain products. Pigmentation is different from tanning. Pigmentation can happen in specific areas like the forehead patches, there can be a melasma called as pigmentation. Pigmentation can happen along the sides of the eyes or around the mouth. This is not related to tanning. This has to be treated by a doctor, a dermatologists. Sunscreen is required and skin lightening agents can be send. In some cases we can do a chemical peeling or natural fruit acid peel to take away the shade and lighten the skin tone.. There are some safer options of skin lightening procedures, which will give a good skin tone. Along with this you can also do a laser skin lightening. Laser targets the pigments n the deeper layers of the skin, which is not reachable through creams and any products, laser will break the pigmentation and clear the skin. This has to be done in multiple sessions it may take 4 to 5 sessions for best results. At our clinic w e are using US-FDA approved Nd-Yag laser. Q switched Nd Yag laser. This is specific for pigmentation and lightens the skin tone. Pigmentation can also be caused because of eczema of skin, seborrhic dermatitis or any kid of cosmetic products allergy. This over a period of time can cause pigmentation using compacts or products which are allergic to skin may not cause itching but over a period of time can cause pigmentation. Once you consult your dermatologist he will be able to help you.


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