Joy Daily discusses Wales New Video "Pretty Girls which only features Spanish, mixed and light skinned girls. Should Black girls be and angry and boycott the video by not voting it on 106 and Park? Why do dark skinned artist seem to prefer light skin women in their videos? This is the exact problem that I discuss in my upcoming documentary Complexion Obsession. Leave your thoughts.


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33 thoughts on “Wale's New Video "Pretty Girls" only features Light Skinned Girls…..

  1. elena 240 says:

    Ain't no Black on BET,,,whaaaaaaat???? It's true where I live you see more biracial children ,,, Black men having kids with Latinos or Whites . And these poor kids are are almost always the only dark ones in their families or groups. I wonder what their issues are?

  2. mr 360 says:

    need anymore proof? what would you eat pizza or shit? pizza of course pizza is the light skin chicks and shit is the dark skin chicks there's your proof don't even say dark skin women should be on TV because they shouldn't be on TV noonne wants to see you ugly burnt biscuits y'all know your ugly pieces of shit . who put ya in the oven for too long?

  3. mr 360 says:

    I hate that nasty attitude of dark skin women and also dark skin women are not attractive. that's just how it is OK. my dark skin friend dates only light skin chicks. that proves that dark skin women are not attractive and ugly you dark skin women are losing your men. you dark skin women think everyone wants to check you out. well guess what we don't date you ugly Burnt Biscuits

  4. Janet Cousins says:

    The most unattractive male black artistes and other unattractive black men in general usually do stupid things like that. It is as if they are projecting their own perceived ugliness and insecurity unto dark-skinned black women in order to feel better about themselves.

  5. Billy L'INTREPIDE says:

    though, some of it may be true, am tired to read this kind of complain, or statement..
    You wanna see "Dark-skinned" girls, well them to go audition, and volunteer to go into modeling, or appear on TV..some of you will reply "but, no one will select them because they are dark"
    Then, i will ask this: "How come the other dark-skinned girls we have seen so far on TV,made it to the Big Screen..?"
    the thing is that so many dark-skinned indiviuals wont even try to audition or compete..(wether it's society's fault or due to their own fears/concerns/insecurities )
    So ladies and gentlemen,wanna see more dark-skin girls in videos, miss USA, and so on..keep showing up and competing..
    when i see videos with dark-skin girls only, i don't see the same people ask "why there are no light-skinned or mixed girls..?"
    stay blessed everybody

  6. Franklin Amadeus says:

    Sorry but Jamaicans are not 100% black in the first place.
     So strong is the diversity of Jamaican people that it is the subject of our national motto "Out of many, one people". There is no one physical feature that can define us as Jamaican, although the way we talk and move is usually a dead giveaway.

    Here in Jamaica people have black skin, white skin, what we call red skin, and shade upon shade of brown skin. As for our hair – it may be kinky, straight, curly, or made in Taiwan! Although 90% of our population is classified as black, it is unlikely that more than a small percentage is of pure African ancestry.

  7. Bili Macsharon says:

    There are only two problems here:The world at large…and Black american guys.
     The world is hypocritical ,,in that people demand a kind of peferction from one another where NOBODY is born FLAWLESS.Theres no such thing as perfect beauty.That is why 100 % of celebrities have undergone plastic surgery.
      Black american men on the other hand are completely colorstruck,,,which to me is very SHADY.period.

  8. EASEY3 says:


    Talk about that please… You "Black" Women Are Too Focused On This Seriously.

  9. ayanah cadet says:

    Maybe he isnt attracted to black women I understand where your coming from but it may not be his fault it is societys fault. Their ignorant &they see that lighter skined girls are better

  10. TheMortalez says:

    I call bullshit, Have you seen or watched any Spanish television? most of the shows, tela novelas etc etc feature mostly light skinned and white hispanic women, the men are often dark haired and tan but the women are white, and the dark haired tan women play maids unless they are just super beautiful.

     and there is nothing wrong with having a tone preference, funny how the handful of brothaz that prefer dark skinned women aren't called colorstruck, but its the same thing.

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