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Top Luxurious but Affordable Places to Visit

By Lakiera Thompson

EXTRASHADE Affordable LuxuryAre you ready to start scratching off your bucket list? You may be ready to explore new places that’s completely affordable and fun at the same time. There’s hope for budget travelers who’s looking forward to enjoying a new place and saving money while doing it!

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is ideal for luxury and budget travelers. With many places to explore, tourists are often overwhelmed at the beauty of the city. Our currency is also worth a lot more over there, so you can enjoy affordable spa treatments and indulge in great authentic Thai food!

New Orleans, LA

It’s something about the south that screams hospitality and good home cooked food! New Orleans is one of the top places to visit, especially in southern states. You can be sure to enjoy walking down Bourbon Street and getting to know their culture. One of their most known events are Mardi Gras, which is so worth visiting New Orleans for.

Tokyo, Japan

Looking to go shopping wherever you visit? Tokyo is most definitely the place for that! Everything is so affordable and most things are of good quality.

Not only is shopping one of the best features , but Tokyo also includes great attractions like the infamous Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.

Wherever you choose to visit, be sure to enjoy your time, capture moments, and indulge! Happy Travel!

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